Princess Chatter

It’s Saturday afternoon, and Neko is over at Princess Aimee’s and Princess Holly’s palace.

“So, have you called Mary-Anne yet? About an ice-skating coach?” Aimee asks.

A few weeks ago, Neko competed in an ice-skating competition and a news reporter had approached her, explaining she could help set up a coach for her.

“Not yet. I should really get on that… The final is only a few weeks away!”

Suddenly, Princess Holly bursts into the room. “Girls! You’ll never guess what I just found -the perfect coronation dress!”

It is Holly’s 18th birthday soon, which means she will soon take on the official title of a princess.

She runs out of the room again to try on the dress.

Neko and Aimee chat while they wait.


“April 16th cannot come fast enough!” Holly cries, parading around in her dress. “This’ll be my best birthday yet!”

“Wait a minute, April 16th? That’s the day of the ice-skating finals!” Neko can’t believe she didn’t think about this before.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t attend…” Holly says, after a moment of silence. “I know how important ice-skating is to you.”

Neko laughs. “Oh, don’t worry about that!” She cries. “Of course I’m coming! Screw ice-skating! Who needs it?”

Really, Neko is just grateful for an excuse. She knows she will never win against the other skaters, even if she does end up hiring a coach.

“It’s Barbie I’m concerned about,” Neko continues. “What do you think she’ll choose? The coronation, or the finals?”

“Who knows?” Aimee says. “Barbie loves getting dressed up for a party, but she also loves winning things. It could go either way, I think.” She pauses. “Hold on a moment, my phone is ringing…”

It’s Zapp, from the space station.

“Hello, Aimee?  We need you to come down to the spaceship; something’s happened.”

“What?” Aimee is concerned. “Did something go wrong? Is there a problem?”

“No, no. It’s a good thing. I can’t tell you over the phone. Just come to the ship.”

“Girls, I’ve got to run. I’ll see you later at Danika’s, right?”

“Is everything okay?” Neko asks.

“Yeah, it’s fine.”  At least, I hope everything’s fine, she thinks to herself.

“Okay.” Neko replies. “I’ll see you at Danika’s.”

Holly turns back to Neko. “Do you think I can wear this to Danika’s house?”

Neko laughs.


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