Shopping Trips

New Releases! Finally!

I haven’t done a shopping trip post in awhile, mostly because a.) I’ve been avoiding the shops in a futile attempt to save money, and b.) there’s nothing new anyway.

But today there were so many new items! No 2017 Fashionistas yet, but slow progress is still progress.

These $24 Dolphin Magic dolls were high on my Wishlist, if just for the accessories. I will wait a few weeks and see if they go down to $20. Maybe I’ll get one then, and save it for a rainy day.

My biggest problem is that it’s not really a photostory purchase, it’s just a ‘oh that’d be a cool thing to have’ purchase. But the dolphin! And the wetsuit! I’ve never seen any of those before, in the shops at least.

Besides, it’s only $24. I spent $30 on a jacket the other day without a second thought. I’m graduating this year, finally, so perhaps it can be a ‘thank f*ck that’s over’ present to myself.

And here’s the boat. For $29, it’s a steal. Judging by the puppies, it looks like Dolphin Magic will be a ‘sisters and puppies’ movie. Nooo! I hope the teaser trailer will come out soon, it’s odd it hasn’t yet.

I don’t think Dolphin Magic is an actual film, just a 60 minute “special.” Does that mean Video Game Hero was the last film? I couldn’t even imagine that. Barbie films are such a big part of my life, crazy as it sounds.

Here’s another new product -Chelsea’s Dreamboat, from Dreamtopia. I can see how it would be fun for pretend play, but it would be no use to me.


Okay cool. Cool. Cool. *backs away*

Whoa, more new stuff! Yet another camper. Is it necessary to have a new camper every one or two years? It’s hard to keep track!

This new Dreamtopia princess (who is basically a rip off of Princess Alexa from Secret Door), the bubble fairy and lots of Star Light Adventure Barbie dolls. Yes, they are still there. Along with the 2016 Fashionistas (neither 2017 wave has arrived yet).

More bubble fairies… How fun would it be if you were a kid, and you and all your friends had these? You could run around the park together and blow bubbles everywhere.

It’s actually pretty creative, who ever heard of a doll like this before?

I’ve never seen this before, not even online.

The last of the Ever After Highs, possibly the last I’ll ever see. ::(

And the Dreamtopia castle. I’ve seen this a lot online, and I think the ‘flying fairy’ thing at the top is silly. Instead, it should have a jewel light that you can switch on and off -I think that leads to more creative play. Maybe it’s the “life force” of the magical kingdom? Maybe it’s a signal or warming? Maybe it’s the strength of the magic? Who knows?

Also -the plastic looks rather flimsy. For $70, you’d expect better (especially considering Dreamtopia is marketed towards a younger audience).


Overall, a successful trip! I’ll definitely keep my eye out for more Dolphin Magic stuff in the future (although now that I know it’s a ‘puppy’ movie, I’m not looking forward to it as much. Can the puppies please go back to Wisconsin?)


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