Aimee’s Space Journey 2.0

Last episode, Zapp called Aimee in to the space station. Zapp is a space explorer, Andrew ruins the secondary education program, and Princess Aimee is currently in training.

“Alright, what the heck is going on?” Aimee asks.

Zapp grins at Aimee. “We’ve had a drop-out from the Cloudship #507 team, we need you.”

Cloudship #507 is the name of the ship they are on board now -it’s the smallest ship in the whole Cloudship fleet and is only used to deliver supplies to the larger, more important ships.

Most of the time, it is parked at the space station and is used for meetings and training purposes (also, I don’t have the room to store a control / operations room).

“What? But I haven’t even finished my training yet! I have another year to go!”

“That’s why you’ll be a junior crew member,” Andrew explains. “I think you’re perfectly ready -you’ve gone into space before, you’ve completed the secondary education program. You can finish your studies while you work. Two birds one stone, hmm?”

She gets up to get Aimee her lanyard.

“Oh. Um, thanks.” She can’t believe she has been given something so tacky! Is this made out of string?!

“Your first mission will commence on April 16th.” Andrew explains. “You’ll report to Zapp, got it?” Aimee nods. She still can’t believe what’s happening!

In the hallway, Aimee suddenly realises what is happening on April 16th. Princess Holly’s coronation day!

“Uh, Zapp…” she explains. “I can’t come on the 16th after all. It’s my friend’s coronation… It’s a princess thing.”

Zapp’s mood suddenly changes. “Aimee, we’ve been over this before. You can’t be both a princess and a space explorer. Do you really want to give up this opportunity to what, attend some boring celebration?”

Aimee isn’t sure what to think. Holly’s her best friend, and this is a one-time event. But the chance to go into space again is so tempting….

“You’re right, Zapp. I’ll see you on the 16th.”


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