Tips & Tricks to Create a DIY Fold-Up Bedroom

If you’re working with limited space, fold-up dioramas are the perfect alternative to regular ol’ boxed dioramas. They’re easy to store, and even easier to throw away once you’ve finished.

The sides of the cardboard box is the weakest, so that means it’s the easiest to cut along. You can also fold the card to weaken it whenever you like, or use a ruler to intent the cardboard.

If you’re working with patterned papers that aren’t exactly the same shade, you can press them into the folds of the cardboard to hide the colour changes. (See? You can hardly tell that one brick wall is darker than the other)

If you’re poor on time / money / printer ink, you can use half wallpaper and half plain paper to stretch out the patterned paper even further. (unless you’re me, and don’t have enough to even cover the bottom half lol)

Wrapping or contact paper also works instead of printed paper. It’s cheaper, too -you can get a whole roll of wrapping paper for $2, or one A4 sheet of scrapbook paper for $2.50.

Old boxes make great beds, too. And yes, I am aware it’s too small for a doll to actually lie in… But shh… Who even sleeps in doll-bedrooms?

Old calendars and brochures work well as windows. They also help to break up the space to add visual interest.

Painting is hard work, and takes far too long to dry. Plain paper works just fine!

If you’re building any kind of furniture, a hot glue gun is a must-have. Craft glue (even if is extra strong) will just fall apart when any weight is applied. And trust me, there’s nothing worse than having a whole (painted and completed) bunk bed fall apart right in front of your eyes!

And here is the completed project…

Looks lovely, doesn’t it? The curtains are a bit ‘chopped up by a lawnmower’ chic*, but let’s just ignore that part.

*I just tried to spell ‘chic’ like ‘sheek.’ Boy, do I wish I were joking.

Overall, I think this bedroom is super-cute! I wish I had a bit more bricks and cardboard, so I could extend it out further and create a little desk area. Or perhaps a wardrobe? Heck, maybe both!

Close-up on the details. I’m a big fan of this shelf, it’s got lots of storage room. Unfortunately, my handiwork is a bit messy… I don’t craft as often as I would like.

I don’t bring Ashlyn Ella off the shelf very much, so she’s very happy to be apart of this photoshoot.

Of course, that meant that Briar Beauty wanted to be included too!



4 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks to Create a DIY Fold-Up Bedroom

  1. These are great ideas, thank you! I’m really struggling right now because I’ve been buying a lot of dolls (tax rebate/refund!) and I don’t have any neutral holding space for them – I have to cram them all into my dioramas in my doll universe. I’ve been looking at room boxes and then thinking, but, yeah, where would it go????


    1. Oh my goodness, I used to have sooo many room box dioramas. They were awesome but tricky to live around! One day, I’d like to have a house for every “main” doll, so looks like I will continue with fold up sets for now. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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