Cloudship #507 Upgrade

I think I’ve caught the crafting bug.

Just yesterday, I made a fold-up house (my posts are scheduled, I think that one should have posted a week after this one). And today, I decided I would make a cafe!

Expect for one little problem…

I printed the bricks in black and white by mistake! I was in a rush, so there was no time to print them in colour.

Hmm… I thought. What can I do with grey bricks? 

And then I realised! SPACESHIP UPGRADE!

And yes, I am aware it is very silly to put bricks on a spaceship… But you see, they aren’t *real* bricks, and it’s not a real spaceship, so I think it’s okay 😛

Oh, I only printed 3 A4 sheets, so that explains the little gap.

I covered it up with black cardboard, and then put a printed picture of the sky on top. I then put another piece of black cardboard over the top, just for good measure, y’know?

I also put some pictures from an old calendar here, with some more black cardboard.

Don’t ask me what this is supposed to be, I have no idea. It’s just for decoration.

With the leftover black pieces and scrap calendar pieces, I added some decoration to the other side of the box.



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