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Not Such a Princess (photostory)

We’re back at Aquifolia High for this episode, where Aimee is searching madly for Holly.

“Oh, Holly!” Aimee cries, upon spotting Holly in the hallway. “I was hoping to catch up with you. Looks like I can’t go to your coronation after all, I’ve got this space… thing….”

Holly is not impressed. “Space… thing? Are you seriously going to miss an event this big just to what, deliver some water bottles?”

“There’s not just water bottles! We deliver really important supplies. The Cloudship Program is doing really important scientific research!”

“Please, Holly. You have to understand. I know the coronation is important to you, but this is really important to me…”

“You’re a princess, Aimee. For God’s sake. Give me a call when you start acting like one.”

Holly chats to Kayla by the lockers. “What was that all about?” she asks.

“Ugh, nothing,” Holly replies. “Jut Aimee being a wiener.”

Kayla laughs. “Hey, you want to come over this afternoon? Hang out and stuff?”


“So, what are you going to do when you’re officially crowned?” Kayla asks. “Build a theme park? Start up a horse ranch?”

Holly laughs. “Uh, no. I’ve looked at the budget for this year, and there’s not much left. But I have ordered a bunch of new stuff… The shipment comes in this Autumn.”

Kayla raises her eyebrows. She isn’t sure what Holly is referring to.

“I’ve also got a massive Barbie Festival planned, and my team has been working on a major upgrade for the city. It’s just around the corner, actually. Do you want to see?”


“Wow, this place is awesome!” Kayla is impressed. “What is it going to be? A fashion store? A makeup shop?”

“I was thinking more like a cafe… It’s right by the school, so we’ll get tons of customers in the afternoon. Only problem is, we’ve got nobody to work here.”

“Oh, I can do it! I can only work after school and on weekends, though.”

“That’s fine! I’ll have to talk to Darren about it, but as far as I’m concerned, you’ve got the job!”


Okay. Can I talk about how much I LOVE this cafe? I built it using the other side of Kayla’s house, and then added an extra cardboard wall to extend the space. Best of all, everything sits nice and flat when I’m finished!

-PACE! ❤


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