Fashion Challenge #2 -Orange Tank Top

Okay, so I had a lot of fun doing the first Fashion Challenge, so I thought I’d try it again. It’s the perfect post to do when I want to write something but don’t have time for a full-on post, ya know? I also really like making outfits.

This one wasn’t as difficult as the polka skirt, but it was still fun to get creative and see all the different ways you can wear the same thing.


Our model today will be Barbie. I feel like Barbie doesn’t get much attention nowadays, it’s mostly stolen from Neko and Aimee. I suppose it’s because Barbie has a concrete personality? I don’t really want to change her too much from the typical Barbie.

Anyway. Let’s see what the first outfit is like…

This one is very Summery and fun! It’s casual, but not too casual. I love the pink shoes!

This second outfit is ideal for running errands. I’m not too keen on the jeans, so I don’t use them very often, but I think they work for this outfit. Of course, I just had to add the touches of pink -it’s Barbie, after all! I love how the bracelet matches the shoes.

This final outfit is a bit more bold -look at those strappy red shoes! They really pick up the colour in the printed leggings.

And just look at that bag! I think that’s my #1 bag -it’s from a MyScene Maddison Teen Tees doll.

And that’s the outfits!

Some babbling…

I spent $40 on the new Barbie fashion packs, I ordered them online, they should arrive in less than a month. Hooray!

Since it was so much money, I’m telling myself I’m not allowed to buy anything for one week to make up for it. I know what you’re thinking -one week, big deal. BUT I’M POOR AND ALSO A SHOPAHOLIC OKAY.

But I noticed basic Barbies for $5 each today, the cheapest I’ve ever seen them. Darn these EOFY sales! We’ll see if I manage to keep to my no-spend promise.

Anyway, I should go now. Ta! ❤



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