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Old Stacie and a Quick Kitchen Tour

I was cleaning out my bookcase when I stumbled upon a Barbie 2009 Activity Annual. I cut most of the pictures out, so excuse all the holes, but here’s a few pages…

The book is packed with puzzles, colouring, DIYs, comics, etc. There’s probably around 50 pages!

The “princess tips” read:

-Take the time to write little notes to your friends telling them how special they are. They’ll reward you with stacks of smiles; a true tribute to a princess!

-Don’t save your favourite dress for one particular party -wear it whenever you can. A pretty gown will look much more elegant on you than it does hidden away in the wardrobe. (I totally agree with this one! Too bad it’s freezing cold *bitter laughter*)

-If it’s raining outside, find something glittery and put it on. Bedroom fashion parades always bring out the princess in you!

-Give yourself a little treat once a week, just for being you.

Now, here is the part that’s really interesting! The ‘big sister rebrand’ happened in 2010, so there’s plenty of information on the sister’s “new” personalities, but not much on their “old” personalities.

Here it says that Stacie is a ‘cool artist’ and a ‘brilliant storyteller.’ She loves to play piano and read. It also says that she ‘prefers to stay out of the limelight.’ What a contrast! Nowadays, Stacie loves sports and thinks she’s better than everyone.

The book also had a profile for Teresa, where it says she ‘loves animals’ and is ‘super sweet and caring.’ Again, what a contrast!

Fun Fact: In Barbie’s profile, it says she is 172cm. That’s quite tall, 5’6.

And here is the kitchen I’ll be focusing on today. I think it’s from 2010? I don’t have all the pieces, I believe it also came with a chandelier (it hung on the grey bar) and some pots and pans. It also came with a salad, which I must have sold for some bizarre reason. It was a really nice salad!

On the left, we have some shelves and a decorative cupboard.

On the right is an oven and a fridge, both with working doors.

If you ask me, that’s hardly enough space to put things. It would be good if the other cupboard was real.

The microwave opens, too, but there’s no sticker inside.

I think the stovetop is a little big. Why have such a huge stove when there could be more counter space? It looks realistic, though, so that’s good.

Also -take note of the pattern on the bench. Isn’t it awesome? Just like a real counter!

Some accessories… The kettle is nothing special, but I like the measuring jug (with real measurement lines!) and the salt shakers.

This platter is awesome, I love it. Perfect for sharing!

The blender comes apart so you can pour the smoothie into cups.

The sponge is really realistic as well.

Overall, I think this is a nice kitchen -I like how realistic the items are, and I like how it has all the elements of a kitchen (some Barbie kitchens don’t even have a counter). I especially like the microwave.

The downside? The colour scheme. Pink, pink, and more pink! I tried to photograph this against a brick wall but the colours were just so dark. I would much rather a nice, white kitchen with, I don’t know, pink handles!

I probably wouldn’t buy this if I saw it in the shops today. In fact, I’m thinking about selling it… I don’t use it often enough to justify the storage space. If I chuck in a doll and some clothes, I might get $10?

Let’s hope.


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