The Election Part II ~ photostory

Where I last left off, ex-best friends Catrina and Emily had just finished their speeches -Catrina focusing on educational changes, and Emily focusing on material changes.

Today, the students will decide who is elected on the student representative council…

“Hi Drew!”

“Agh!” Drew jumps back. Why is this girl standing so close to her?

“You’ll vote for me today, right?” Emily is grinning so hard she fears her face might fall off.

“Actually, I’m voting for Catrina,” Drew explains. “The science program here is really bad. I think that’s way more important than getting lockers for PE or something.”

“You understand, right?” Drew flashes Emily a smile before sauntering off.

“Wow, that was rough.” Holly says, noticing Emily’s fallen face. “Don’t worry -I’ll vote for you.”

Emily looks up at Holly, suddenly afraid. “What if I don’t win? What if I lose to Catrina, of all people?”

“Trust me, you won’t. Nobody likes her, anyway.”


After voting, everyone crowds in the classroom to find out the results.

“And the sophomore student representative is…”


Everyone is speechless.

Catrina runs to the front of the room. “Thank you! Thank you, everyone!”

“Was this rigged?” Zapp whispers. “She doesn’t even have any friends!”

“Hey, mister!” Catrina shouts. “I heard you!”

The bell rings for lunch, and everyone clears out.

Mr Stevens stops Princess Holly from leaving. “Hey, will you two clean up the chairs for me?” He asks. “I need to rush to a meeting.”

He runs off before Holly can say anything.

Holly looks over to see what he meant by “you two.”

“Oh, it’s you.” Holly says sourly. Since Princess Aimee didn’t attend her coronation, the two have barely spoken.

Aimee is offended. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

**wow, just realised you can see the others in the background, oops, ignore that**

Holly starts to pack up the chairs loudly. “Ugh. You don’t get it, do you? You live in the castle. You buy your nice clothes. You attend the balls, get drunk, have a nice time. But you never contribute to the kingdom! You’re supposed to be a princess, goddamn it!”

“It’s not MY kingdom, is it?” Aimee retorts. “It’s yours. You’re the real princess here. You had the coronation. I’m just the funny sidekick. It’s not my responsibility.”

Holly storms out of the room.


After school, Emily, Neko and Neko’s sister Delia meet for cake in the new cafe.

“I can’t believe I lost the election!” Emily says. “I bet the only reason Catrina even entered was to annoy me. And now she’s won!”

“You totally deserved to win.” Neko says. “Your speech was much better. And people like you, too! Nobody likes Catrina.”

Suddenly, Delia speaks up. “Neko, is mom ever coming for me?”

Emily and Neko are silent. Delia has been living with her sister Neko for so long, she actually forgot she was supposed to be ‘just visiting.’

“I don’t know, Del.” Neko says. “But you’re fine living with me and Tori, though, right? Don’t you like it here? Hanging out with Chelsea and the others?”

“Yeah, I do.” Delia smiles. “I was just wondering.”


Wow. I feel like Neko’s family is a bit confusing, so here’s a summary:

An alcoholic, eccentric woman had two children -Neko and Tori. She wasn’t very good at taking care of them, so Tori, the oldest, had to take care of both her sister and herself.

When she was old enough, Tori moved out and took Neko with her.

The two children grew up, away from their mother. Tori got a job as a teacher and had a child of her own.

Many years later, the two discovered that their mother had a third child, named Delia. She reached out to Tori and asked if she could visit, because she couldn’t take care of her for a little while.

And it looks like she isn’t coming back. So it’s just the four girls -Neko, Tori, Delia and Tori’s baby. (whose name I forgot but let’s ignore that)


One thought on “The Election Part II ~ photostory

  1. Aimee, I’m ashamed of you. You should have at least helped Holly, even if she was rude to you. Oh, dear. By the way, I love what you’ve done with the walls and decor in the café and the school. They look great!

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