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Swappin’ Style ’10 Sweetie and Sassy Outfits

In 2011, I received a Barbie Fashionista W3 “Swappin’ Styles” Sweetie 2010 doll, with the extra head. I was really excited because she was from the Fashionistas webisodes on -I remember they released a new episode every Tuesday, each one starring a different doll expect for Sweetie.

If you look at the intro, you will see clips that were never released, so I assume those ones were part of Sweetie’s episode. This episode below is Sassy’s.

There were lots of other stuff on the website too, like downloadable wallpapers, and you could also get a dress-up app (which was eventually replaced with the new ‘Fashionistas’ app that is still available today).

Here she is! And guess what? Like most of my other Fashionistas, I have no idea where she’s gone. I might have sold her, I might have lost her, or maybe she is just sitting in a tub of broken dolls somewhere. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today Emily will be modelling her outfit. Please excuse the weird flooring, the lighting was terrible inside so I had to move the scene outside and then I forgot to put down proper flooring.

Oh, I also lost the necklace, so she’s wearing the Sweetie necklace from the extra head instead.

All of the Velcro has worn off, so I had to stick all the straps down with sticky-tape. Although the pattern does go all the way around, I don’t think this dress is as high quality as the Wave 1 Fashionistas -my Wild dress really is such good quality, the material is just brilliant. But this one? It feels a bit like pyjamas.

The dress itself is nice, but it’s not the nicest dress I own.

The shoes are cute, I use them for lots of outfits since they’re so versatile. They’re really easy to put on and off, but then they don’t fall off. It’s hard to find shoes like that!

This next doll here is Sassy. My sister received it for Christmas, the same time I got my Sweetie doll, and she ended up giving the outfit to me.

I still haven’t named this doll, and I still don’t like her that much, either. She was just laying around, so I dressed her up in this.

The Velcro on this doll has worn off too. I remember it also wore off on my Sporty dress (I have since sold the dress, which is why she isn’t featured here).

Again, I really like the mesh part at the top, I really like that style. The overall dress is nice, but it’s not OMG AMAZING.

Oh -the proper belt was current in use, so I used this star one instead. I think it looks just as nice.

I really like this bag, it’s very detailed and the colour makes it quite versatile. I use it a lot.

And that’s all for today.

-PACE! ❤

3 thoughts on “Swappin’ Style ’10 Sweetie and Sassy Outfits

  1. Since I played with Barbie in the early 1960s, and then started collecting a few years ago, none of these characters is familiar to me. Your posts are like a history book – very informative.


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