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Prom Worries ~photostory~

For today’s photostory, I brought out a doll I hardly use -in all honesty, I actually forgot her name, so I had to look it up. It’s Taylah. Remember her? She works at The Lemon Tree now.

I also went to the shops today, to see if there was anything new (I know, I know). There wasn’t, but I did see some updated DVD covers… I was tempted to get Barbie: A Fairy Secret, because I don’t have that one, but then I realised I have barely watched the films I already own.

I can’t decide whether I rather the new ones or the old ones…

^^These are the older ones.

They changed Merliah, too, but just a little bit. Her face looks way too cartoon-y now, if you ask me.

Oh -I also saw this… I think I mentioned it in another ‘shopping trip’ post, but now the damage is even worse.

HER ARM IS FULLY RIPPED OFF. WHY IS THIS STILL FOR SALE?? It’s literally hollow on the inside.

Her skirt is also completely off. Did Mattel put any effort in this doll at all?

Also, I just realised that she’s permanently holding onto that stupid cat. This is possibly the worst designed doll I’ve ever seen???


Anyway, over to Aquifolia High, where Catrina is selling tickets for prom.*

*And yes, I know Catrina and the others are in year 10 / sophomore year, and prom is for year 12s / seniors, but shhh. Let’s ignore that part, I wanted to do a prom storyline.

“Hi Barbie! Are you interested in buying a ticket? Special price for today only -$55!”

“Sure!” Barbie loves parties, and hands over the money without a second thought.

Catrina moves onto her next victim customer.

“So, has Zapp asked you to prom yet?” Barbie asks.

Zapp is Danika’s boyfriend. Barbie and Danika are best friends.

“Not yet.” Danika is upset. Why hasn’t he asked her yet? Prom is coming closer and closer everyday!

“Don’t worry,” Barbie assures her. “Maybe he just hasn’t found the right time yet. Why don’t you go to The Lemon Tree after school today? You can talk in private there.”

Danika agrees, and after school, they meet up at the cafe…

“So, prom is coming up soon!” Danika says, as soon as they have sat down with their food. “Get keen!”

“Yeah, I heard they’re hiring a real DJ this year! It’s going to be awesome.” Zapp says.

Now Danika is even more concerned. Does he want to go with her or not? Why didn’t he ask her?

“Taylah! You’re late!” Kayla moans. Even though Kayla isn’t officially in charge of The Lemon Tree, she is the self-appointed manager of the store. “This is the second time this week!”

“So-rry!” Taylah replies sarcastically. “We’re not even busy though! We have like, two customers! You’re just saying that because you want to go home.”

“Of course I want to go home!” Kayla explodes. “I’ve been here all day long! Now don’t be late again, okay?”

“Okay.” Taylah smirks. Kayla wonders if she even cares about her job at all.


The next day, Aimee, Danika and Zapp are all hanging out at Neko’s house.

The four are chattering about the upcoming prom.

“So, Neko, will you go to prom with me?” Aimee asks.

“Aw, of course!” Neko is delighted.

“Why did you even bother asking her that?” Zapp asks. “You’re already dating. Wouldn’t you just assume that you’re going together?”

Neko is a bit confused. “So, Zapp, you didn’t ask Danika to go to prom with you? You just assumed she would?”

“Well, yeah.” Zapp shrugs. “We’ve been dating for ages now. Why wouldn’t we go together?”

Danika smiles to herself. Whew! Looks like she’d be attending prom with Zapp after all.



5 thoughts on “Prom Worries ~photostory~

  1. You have inspired me! I was thinking of doing a prom story last spring but thought, no wait, they’re not in their final year… But of course, they can have a prom anytime! (It also recently dawned on me that my Midge doesn’t have to be pregnant for nine months then have a baby that never ages for years… 😂)


    1. Haha, neither are these girls but shhh! 😉 Aging has always been a big problem for me -I want them to go to college, get a job, etc, but I also want to be able to do high school scenarios, too. Similarly, children growing up has always been a dilemma.

      Liked by 1 person

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