Good Socks Will Be Sacrificed -Crafting Fails and Wins

Doll Hack #1: Be aware when printing from different machines! I tried to print off some more stuff to expand the school, but gah! The colour and size differences!

And to think, I thought the lockers were unrealistically big before -now they’re giant!

What on Earth am I going to do with this brick now??


On a more positive note, I watched this video and decided to try it out for myself. To my delight, it actually turned out okay! 🙂

Doll Hack #2: Good socks will be sacrificed*. I didn’t have any holey socks at all, so I just used good ones. But hey! I think it was worth it! After all, you can buy more socks, but you can’t buy a doll ottoman, right?

*This isn’t really a hack, I know. Sue me.

The first layer… Excuse the lighting, I forgot to turn on the ceiling light instead of the lamp.

Rosabella Beauty is here to help me out, so you can see how big it’s getting.

The third layer… They were getting difficult to wrap around at this point.

RIP, beautiful socks.*

*Don’t worry, I have another pair almost exactly the same lol.

I had to cut off the excess, because it was too full to stuff properly inside. Even if I wanted an extra layer, there is no way it would go through. Unless your socks are super-thin, I don’t think anyone will be able to make this more than four layers thick.

I bundled up the excess fabric (on the bottom) and secured it with a safety pin, just for good measure.

While it’s not big enough to qualify for a desk chair, the ottoman works perfectly fine when sitting at a side table, or when your doll wants to watch a film.

It is a bit dark, though, you can’t really see how the fabric goes inwards. I think I would have preferred a grey one.

Doll Hack #3: Have wood, will rest.

I made this bed ages ago, but I don’t think I shared how I made it on this blog. I think I might have made it before I started the blog, perhaps.

Ta-da! It’s just a block of wood covered in fabric. Yes, that is sticky-tape. I’M BUDGET OKAY 😉

But, what did I do with the extra black sock? Well, I couldn’t very well just wear one, so I made…


I know, how ridiculously creative of me, right??

(That was a joke)

Look at that skill! That craftsmanship!

Loose for day…

And tight for night!

I still had a fair bit of sock left, so I just cut it up into a ‘blanket.’ Thinking back, I should have just made a mini-ottoman, sort of like a decorative pillow. Oh well.


Whew! So that’s what I have been up to tonight! I haven’t been doing much Barbie-wise lately, because I just got a new gaming console which is taking up all of my attention.


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