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Imogen’s Prom (photostory) + New Storage Solutions

I haven’t had much in the way of an Internet connection lately, and I haven’t had time to write much nowadays, either. I said this before, and I’ll say it again -I would never be bored if I didn’t have a job! They’d always be something to write about, or something to make, or something to photograph. Anyway, not that you guys will have noticed, but my ‘scheduled posts’ have gone down from 20 (that’s where they usually sit) to nine! I suppose it’s a good thing -they really were banking up! Sometimes I’d forget what I had written about!

Moving on, today I have a photostory to share with you. It’s not very good -I took the photos in two batches, so there might be some slight differences, and then I put all the ‘good’ photos in a folder… and proceeded to delete the folder (accidentally, of course). So now I was left with all the ‘bad’ photos! So please excuse the mess, I just wanted to get the storyline out of the way, y’know?

And after that, I’ve also got a storage update.

“And I told her, if you think you’re coming to this party, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Haha! You said it, Shinaya!”

“I love this show!” Imogen says. The two girls, Imogen and Emily, are hanging out together on prom night. Imogen doesn’t attend school, so of course she was not allowed to attend prom, and Emily’s boyfriend is away on tour. They decided that it would be much nicer to spend prom together, doing something they both enjoy -watching TV!

Meanwhile, Danika, Kayla and Zapp have other ideas…

“Wow, it sounds like a real big party going on in there!” Zapp says, excited.

“I can’t believe we made it in the storm!”

Unfortunately for everyone else, a big storm meant that nobody could actually get to prom, and somehow Zapp, Danika and Kayla have got it into their heads that Imogen is having a party!

What a surprise they got! “Uh…” Danika is stunned to see her two friends sitting down watching television! “Isn’t there meant to be a party going on here?”

Imogen is unfazed. “Oh, hi guys! I didn’t expect to see you all here! Why aren’t you at prom?”

“Can’t you see the storm outside?” Zapp asks, raising his eyebrows. “Nobody is supposed to leave their houses.”

“Well,” Zapp says, making himself comfortable. “I suppose there’s no going anywhere tonight. If Imogen’s not having a party, I might as well have some sleep…”

“What?” Emily is horrified. “No! We only get one prom, and I want it to be special! Let’s have our own prom, right here!”

And so, it looks like everyone got their party after all!

Right! So onto the storage stuff. I’ve had to get rid of a heap of stuff (including Neko’s house, the cardboard box was WAY too big!) but thankfully I have managed to salvage some by making use of an age-old technique called “stuffing things in drawers and hoping they close.”

This is where I keep all the ‘big’ stuff. On the top level is houses (it’s annoying because if I want to use one, I’ll have to pull them all down, but at least I get to keep them), and on the bottom level is clothes, food and horses. They are organised the same way they were before.

Wow this photo is super dark! I’m not sure why it ended up that way? I suppose I was taking photos of the inside of a cupboard…

Anyway, this drawer is for dolls. I know this is not the neatest, or the best, way of organising them. But there’s just so many! I went through them and tried to get rid of some, but I just love them all too much! Each one is important.

This drawer is for big furniture pieces. Again, it’s very different from my storage box before -that one was huge, and I could dive around and find what I wanted very easily. In this one, everything is piled on top of each other and it’ll be tricky to find what I need.

Then I have another box of big furniture. This one also holds the three cars, and the pool deck.

This is where the cruise ship is stored -under the toaster! In the kitchen, no less, but I ran out of room in the cupboard. I also have a bunch of shoeboxes filled with accessories, but I forgot to take a photo of that. I’m sure you can imagine what that looks like!

And that is my storage -for the while, anyway! I removed the playground from my collection, a few tables and chairs, and around seven Fashionistas (goodbye forever, Jewel!), but mostly, I have managed to keep everything else. Which is good!

Unfortunately, as you can see, there isn’t much room for any new furniture pieces at the moment. I suppose this is a blessing in disguise, because now I will be forced to think extra-carefully about my purchases. If I buy something new, I will have to get rid of something I already own.



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