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A Little House Across The Street + Barbie Ban Stuff

As soon as I introduced Aria into my photostory I thought, “well, I’d better make her a house now.”

The rational side of my brain screamed no. “But other main characters don’t have houses! Where’s Danika’s house? Where’s Catrina’s? Besides, you don’t have room to store it -didn’t you just throw away Neko’s house?”

Hmm. I thought to myself. The rational side of my brain sure had a point. I did just throw away Neko’s house for lack of storage, and it would make more sense to build something everyone could use together…

But of course, I ignored the rational part of my brain and built the house anyway!

julain asange.png

Room, house… Same thing. Nobody’s gonna use a kitchen or a bathroom anyway, right?

Here it is! I made it out of a cereal box. #resourceful #recyclingforthewin

I’m not loving the white paper on the right side, I was hoping the paper would be big enough to cover the whole box, but alas, I was left with these gross oh-so-obvious folds.

I really like the pattern on the feature wall, but I feel that would get too “cluttered” if I did it all over the room, y’know?

“But wait! Didn’t you use that bed in Kayla’s house? Where’s Kayla going to sleep now, huh?”

Check out the original post here.

Well, yes. You’re right. It is indeed Kayla’s bed. But I didn’t have another box lying around! And this one was a perfect size! So they can just share the bed.

Close up on the details… I saved the pictures from packaging, and I’m glad I did. I used to have a big collection but I ended up throwing most of it away. Space issues, y’feel?

Although I love houses that are super-easy to fold up and store, my biggest issue is all the tiny accessories… On one hand, I could put them all in a little bag and make them exclusive for this room. That would make it a LOT easier to find everything and set up the room as it was before.

But on the other hand, I want to be able to use the accessories for other things! And if I keep them in separate bags, I’ll probably forget which bag they’re in. So it might be easier to keep them in big containers labelled ‘technology’ or ‘pillows,’ and just find the specific items each time.

How do you guys deal with this situation? Or do you just leave everything set up? (God that would be nice, lol)

This one here is my favourite photo. It’s funny -I was comparing Aria (minimal makeup) with Barbie (black eyeshadow, thick eyeliner and bold lips), and Barbie looked sooo much older.

If I had to guess Aria’s age, just from her appearance, I would say 15 or 16, whereas Barbie would be 17 -but you could easily make her older, if you wanted, in her 20s for sure.

Here’s a photo of Barbie for your reference.


Crazy difference, huh? It’s really cool to see Barbie evolving -it’s neat that I’ve witnessed the dolls change since the 2000s, then again in the mid 2000s, then again in 2010s and now again in the mid 2010s!

Some Thoughts on my Barbie Ban

Obviously, my Barbie Ban has been a big fat FAIL. In fact, in terms of spending money as a whole this year, I have not been doing very well. I’m always spending money on snacks, little presents for myself because “oh I’ve been working hard lately,” etc.

So far, this year, I have spent $156 on Barbie -considering my goal was $0, that’s not very good… But I think, for the most part, my purchases have been pretty worthwhile. I only regret a few things, like the two dresses I bought for $16… And I didn’t really need the Aneliese and Erika dolls after all… But that aside, I think most of my Barbie purchases have been worthwhile.

I mentioned it in my other post, but I’ll say it again here -when I really want something, I start to have these recurring dreams about it. When I hadn’t bought anything Barbie for over a year, I dreamt about Barbie almost every single night. For months on end! It was crazy, because they were very similar dreams each time. (Isn’t the brain cool like that?)

So, yes, I have been dreaming about Barbie again, but obviously not to that degree. Just every once-in-awhile.

Overall? I’m doing better than last year, but not as well as I thought I would be. There are three factors stopping me from constantly buying Barbie:

1.) I’m SUPER busy. I have a billion hobbies (okay, only three), plus work and studying, which takes up a lot of my time. I don’t have time to drool over Amazon at 4am!

2.) There aren’t many products available where I live. Only a few of the 2016 Fashionistas are left, none 2017 Fashionistas yet (crazy!), no fashion packs, no Collector dolls, no Skipper, Stacie and the only Chelsea’s are “Dreamtopia”… I could go on and on, but basically -there isn’t much I want!

3.) I’ve just moved, and I have even less storage than before. I have sold lots of my playsets and dolls recently, just to make room for what I already have! If I bought something new, something old has to go.

So! Have you ever imposed a “Barbie ban” on yourself? How did that work out for you? Better than mine, I hope!


2 thoughts on “A Little House Across The Street + Barbie Ban Stuff

  1. I am currently under a Barbie ban. ☹️ I got my credit card bill and was in a state of shock. I promised myself and my husband that I would not buy anything else until after Christmas. Now my entire photo story blog has to be reimagined. 😳 I had hoped everyone would have Christmas and NYE clothes but I have to divvy up the clothes between the dolls instead. It’s ruining my plot! 😂 I’m sure you can relate! 😉


    1. Akk, no! The worst is when you make a big deal about someone’s outfit, or someone owning that specific piece… and then you use it again, later, on a completely different doll. I know nobody is going to notice / care, but gah. I feel.

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