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A Mermaid Makeover & Diminishing Interest in Dolls

Hello everyone! Do you remember this doll? She’s a Dreamtopia Candy Mermaid. I got her for $13, and she’s named Tiffany.

I was trying to make a Mermaid Throne Tutorial, and the throne ended up terrible, so I scrapped the video and threw away the throne. Anyway, I was using sparkly nail polish to make the throne look all glittery, and since the nail polish was right there, I decided to ‘spruce up’ Tiffany a little bit.

Some glitter in the hair, on the eyes and on the shell hairclip. It’s not the neatest or anything, but I think it looks cute. I especially like the glitter streaks in the hair.

Moving on…

Barbie has always been a big part of how I define myself. My Barbies were always displayed proudly on my shelf, I would listen to Barbie music when I exercised, and I would forever be snapping new pictures for Dollstagram. Barbie has always been one of my biggest inspirations, and something I dedicated an excessive amount of time on. Making time for Barbie was always a priority.

Lately -and I don’t know what’s happened- but I find the desire to indulge in this hobby has drizzled it’s way down the pink plastic toilet.

It started when I was 13 or 14, when I could no longer play with Barbie. I don’t mean “I felt I was too old to play with dolls,” or anything, I mean I literally could not think of anything to do! I would set everything up and just get bored. 

I know, I know. “Big deal.” But for me, playing with Barbies was always something I did. I would always rush home from school and play Barbies. I always wanted a new playset, or a new doll -not to photograph, but to actually play with. Over the Christmas holidays one year, my sisters and I played Barbies every single day. It was something we always did together, and something I always looked forward to.

Sidenote: Even today, my sisters and I talk and laugh about our times playing Barbie. We always reference funny things that happened, and the ways we often made our dolls act.

Anyway, once I stopped being able to play with Barbies, I turned to Instagram. I took photos of my dolls, and I made up photostories (which is as close as ‘playing’ as you can get). I started a blog, deleted it, started another, and then deleted that one as well. I started a third blog (this one), which is now three years old.

And now? Well, as I mentioned, I’m just not interested anymore! Over the last year, I have sold about half my collection (perhaps even more than that). In an effort to become more minimalist, I have sold two of my big houses, more dolls than I can count, and plenty of playsets and accessories.

I have dolls that I bought a long time ago, still sitting at the bottom of the pile, unused. Discarded. Unwanted.

For me, collecting Barbie isn’t about finishing a series, or displaying the dolls on a shelf. It isn’t about buying things just because they have “black label” marked all over them. It’s about actually *using* what I buy; giving the dolls life, giving them personality.

And if I can’t do that anymore,

then what’s a Barbie girl to do?


Also there are some things I don’t want to sell because:

a.) I think of all the money I spent to get them

b.) Some of the items are pretty rare, and I am unlikely to get them again if I ever change my mind

c.) I read about a lot of collectors who wish they never sold their dolls, because now they want them back

d.) I’m also losing interest in a bunch of other things I used to like -dancing, reading, writing and learning Japanese. Perhaps my interest will come back???








5 thoughts on “A Mermaid Makeover & Diminishing Interest in Dolls

  1. I’m devastated because I love your blog so much, but at the same time, I understand that as time passes, our interests change completely and that’s perfectly normal. I loved Barbie as a kid – that’s a long time ago – and then “outgrew” them and ultimately didn’t even think about Barbie for almost 50 years until I had a grandchild. But I kept collecting dolls and stuffed animals – not consciously, not steadily, just slowly. One day, you might be like me and surprise yourself by finding that you love dolls again. For now, let yourself be who you are today. Life is long and change is inevitable. I love your photo stories, though. I’ll really miss them if you stop. (I have to stop for a couple of months because we are rearranging our house and the dolls are crammed into a small space until I have a new doll room – and how long will that take? I miss them.)


  2. Oh, I definitely am not stopping just yet! I think it’s less about Barbies specifically -I find that I’m not really interested in …anything anymore?? I feel a bit like all my hobbies, my identity, is gone, silly as that sounds. Your words are very kind ‘life is long and change is inevitable,’ that’s my favourite part. I need to remember that more. Your story is similar to other adult collectors I have read about; it’s comforting to know that you can outgrow something and come back again. Thanks always 🙂


  3. I still find a fun way to play with Barbies. And collect them. I throw out all my other stuff so I have room to make a fashion show for them.


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