Shopping Trips

Barbie Selection at Big W, Target and Kmart

Today I went looking for a replacement doll for Aria, since her foot has mysteriously broken off and disappeared somewhere. I found four Made to Move dolls that would do just fine, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $19 on something I didn’t really need.

Here’s some other stuff I saw.

At Big W, I found a bunch of new Fashionistas for $13 each. Cute as they may be, none of the selection blew me away, and I didn’t buy anything.

I also saw a bunch of Made to Move dolls for $19 each. There was two variations of the soccer player, the karate girl, and the skateboarder. Both the karate girl and the soccer player would have been a fine replacement for Aria, but who needs karate or soccer gear? Not me.

I also saw this new scooter for $25, which I thought was a bit expensive.

Kmart had a nice selection of toys -I found this Club Chelsea playground, which is new. I couldn’t find the price tag.

I saw the new curvy Made to Move doll, for $19, as well as the gymnast and the soccer player for $19 again. The gymnast also would have been a nice replacement for Aria, but I don’t need gymnastics stuff.

(I suppose the costume would also work for a cheerleading outfit, but then I’d need to buy at least 3 of the dolls. Not at this price!)

There was also the new fashion packs, the dining table and the bean bag, both for $15.

Also -can we note how there is STILL Princess Power dolls in the shops? That movie came out a long time ago… Can we move on yet?

As always, Target had the most dismal selection. No Fashionistas, and no Made to Move dolls whatsoever. Just a whole lot of Giant Chelsea’s.

I guess they did have these Dreamtopia dolls for $10.40, which is a good deal, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Overall, I left empty-handed and disappointed. If the Made to Move dolls were $15, I would probably have caved in and bought a replacement (I know $19 isn’t that far from $15, but it seems like so much more!)

I hope the Skipper babysitter dolls will come out early next year, I really want to get my hands on those!

8 thoughts on “Barbie Selection at Big W, Target and Kmart

  1. Those made to move dolls are almost impossible to find here and when you do, the price is ridiculous! I wanted to buy a made to move body for one of my dolls but finally gave up for now.


    1. PS I like the new curvy made to move doll’s body, but I don’t like her face or hair very much. I would immediately behead her and give her body to someone else! But of course, we get stuff here in the UK long after it has appeared everywhere else.


      1. Yes, that’s exactly what I thought! I find I don’t like a lot of the Made to Move faces though. They seem a bit cartoonish…? I didn’t realise you got things late over there, that must be incredibly annoying. It’s late for me, in Australia, but I know it’s worse in other countries so I shouldn’t complain as much as I do!

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  2. Cool. I identified one of my Barbies that I bought from an OP shop some time ago. It is a princess power one. And I agree that the prices in all the dolls are way too high. I want them to be 5cents each lol.


    1. Wow, already at an op shop? The only dolls I find there are from the 90s! (and usually with ratty hair, too!) If all the dolls were 5 cents, I would probably have a whole house of them!


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