Current Barbie Organisation and Storage

Hello everyone! Remember how poor Aria’s foot snapped off? And I looked around for a replacement body but couldn’t justify spending a lot of money to replace a broken foot? Anyway, I found the solution -Erika Juno!

That’s right, I decided to swap Aria’s broken body with that of Erika Juno’s. Of course, it’s not her original body, but nonetheless. It’s only a Fashionista, and the skintone is a bit (read: a lot) off, which is a bother, but then again, it’s only temporary. When I can find an appropriately-priced Made to Move body, in the right skintone, I will use that instead.

Anyway, onto the main post!

In this top drawer, I keep my “special” dolls, and some other big furniture pieces -mostly Happy Family shopping centre stuff. These dolls I rarely use, they’re just here for important collector reasons.

The second drawer is rather empty -but that’s okay, I’m sure it will get full again as I add more things to my collection.

I’ve got more Happy Family stuff, more furniture, a collection of chairs, and a small assortment of children. I also keep hair salon stuff in that plastic bag.

The third drawer is for really big stuff -like my swimming pool, windsurf, two cars, and a collection of doll stands. I was going to sell off one of the cars, but I like them both too much that I couldn’t decide.

As a side note, those doll stands were a really good find. If you don’t have some already, I recommend picking up a cheap set from eBay.

The last drawer is for horses (all three of them), and my school set. I made the school set so it could be “closed,” it is a cereal box after all, but it doesn’t close as well as I’d like. The wallpaper just gets ruined, y’know?

Over on the other side of the room, I have this cupboard full of “lesser used” dolls. We’re talking side characters, like neighbours, parents, boyfriends, sisters, and random school students.

From left to right, back row, we have Jacob (Hip Hop Hoodie Fashionista), Ryan (Clutch Fashionista), Steven (2012 Beach), Zapp (The Doll Evolves Fashionista), Skipper (Amusement Park), Taylah (Puppy Chase), Chris (The Doll Evolves) and Stacie (Puppy Chase).

In the front row, we have Princess Holly (2012 Princess), Andrew (idk), Bianca (Cali Girl), Drew (Fashion Fever WF), Blonde Teresa (Fashion Fever WF), Midge (Happy Family Giftset) and Grace (Barbie Style Resort).

In conclusion, I have way too many dolls. I have downsized A LOT (I used to have around 100), but I still feel like I have too many.

Then, on top of the drawers, I have my two Barbie houses, my clothing collection, my food storage, and my “main cast” dolls.

From left to right, we have Imogen (Sporty Fashionista Extra Head W3), Catrina (idk who she is), Neko (Barbie Style Glam Night), Edeline (12 Dancing Princesses), Kayla (Fashion Fever WF), Aimee (M2M Redhead) and Barbie (Fashionista Rainbow W1).

So that’s my storage! I have another section of storage, for accessories and costumes, but that’s a big ol’ mess, so I’ll show that another time. Use the tag ‘storage’ and you’ll find all my other posts related to this subject.

Questions you might have…

Why are your dolls naked?? It’s weird.

If I leave them dressed, they’re going to stay dressed. Possibly for months, which means I’ll forget about whatever they’re wearing. And that’s no fun! I want to use each item of clothing as much as I possibly can, and in order to do that, the dolls need to stay nude. Also, it’s not weird. They’re basically tiny mannequins.

Why don’t you have very much furniture?

I got rid of most of my furniture. Why do you need two couches, when you can save space and just have one? I only keep furniture I use on a daily basis; I used to have heaps of furniture, from doctor’s offices to canoes, but I found I just didn’t use the pieces! If I have only what I need, it’s easier to find things, and it’s easier to set up.

Why do you just throw your clothing in a big bin? Isn’t it hard to find stuff?

Well, yes, that’s true, but I have tried putting everything in categories and it was a pain in the bum. Especially when you have to undress 20+ dolls, and then put everything back in the right category. I just want to dump the clothes and move onto something else!



4 thoughts on “Current Barbie Organisation and Storage

  1. I love your last comment! I have all my clothes in little plastic bags in drawers and I hate putting everything away, so the clothes just end up piled on top of the drawer unit. Then when I have nothing else to do (a rare occasion) I sit down and put everything away. My problem is that each doll has her own bag of clothes – they’re completely selfish and refuse to share anything except shoes. Those are sorted in little drawers by colours. It also means that each doll has to have her own wardrobe of clothing, which means constantly shopping for clothes. But every single doll is currently wearing her holiday clothes – either Christmas or Hanukkah. LOL!!! I have over 100 dolls now and it takes forever to dress them all for each occasion. It will take me days to prepare them for NYE after Christmas. No wonder my husband thinks I’m crazy!!! 🤣


  2. Cool! I haven’t got any furniture, no spare clothes at the moment, even though I have a huge closet for them. I have 41 dolls lined on my shelves, some of them wrapped in pieces of cloth until I sew some new clothes. I find store bought clothes far to expensive, and the dolls in boxes with dresses and skirts and pants and tops from a shop is very expensive, so I wait until I find it in a charity shop, or on the side of the street (I really did find them on the side of the street – abandoned!). I usually find them without clothes on,I rarely swap around clothes, because I just find a dress that suits each doll perfectly, and leave that on until I fell like I want to swap in around. And as for shoes! Half the dolls haven’t tried any shoes on at my place! 🤣


    1. 41? That’s so many! I’m not sure how many I have, but I don’t think it’s that much lol. My dolls rarely wear shoes either, it’s too much effort to put on haha. If my dolls don’t have clothes, I sometimes wrap cloth or tissue around them and then tie it with a hair-tie (it makes the cloth stay on better). I agree that doll clothes are way too expensive, it’s much cheaper to make your own!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The number 41 is long gone now. It went up to 53😂 I have my dolls lined on my shelves, so I found it creepy when they didn’t have anything around them. The reason my dolls don’t have many shoes is because I get them usally from op shops, so the sometimes come without limbs (I don’t get those).

        Liked by 1 person

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