All the Colours of the Rainbow

To celebrate Australia *finally* legalising same-sex marriage, I have prepared this rainbow photoshoot! Well, it’s kind of rainbow, as I was sorting through my clothes, I began to realise I didn’t have as many colours as I thought…

Our first colour is BLUE, and it’s Neko! She’s wearing a dainty flower crown, from 2015 Purple Fairy doll, a top from Made to Move Redhead, and a skirt from 2015 Fashionista Teresa.

Our second colour is YELLOW, and it’s Barbie! She’s wearing this random yellow shirt I found, it’s probably from 2002 or something, paired with a 2011 Fashionista Cutie skirt (from a fashion pack). You can’t tell here, but she’s also wearing yellow sneakers.

Our third colour is SILVER, and it’s Emily! She’s wearing a headband from the same 2011 Fashionista Cutie fashion pack, a romper from the 2009 Day to Night doll, and a skirt from …somebody. A recent Fashionista, I can’t remember exactly who.

Oh, the bag is also from the 2011 fashion pack.

Our fourth colour is RED and it’s Imogen! She’s wearing a cute dress from the Instant Message Barbie, along with a purse from Fashion Fever Wave F Drew.

Our fifth colour is PURPLE and it’s Imogen! She’s wearing a Lea Made to Move top along with leggings from the Football Fashion Pack 2015.

Our sixth colour is PINK and it’s Catrina! She’s wearing a shirt from Teresa Fashion Fever Wave F, pants from somebody-I-forgot-who, and a bag from the Wee 3 Friends Dance! Dance! Dance! set.

Our seventh and final colour is GREEN and it’s Kayla! She wears a shirt from Fashion Fever Wave F Kayla (that’s her!), a skirt from the Aztec Chic fashion pack, and shoes from …somewhere. I forget.

And here is the complete photo! I think it turned out really well! I dressed some other dolls who didn’t make it into the final shot, but I think it’s better this way -seven dolls, seven colours of the rainbow, right? I mean, not that ‘silver’ is really a colour, but let’s ignore that.

Also -I realised my clothing is at least 60% pink. It was really tricky to find all these outfits! Blue, pink and purple were easy, but damn, the others were hard.

From LTR: Catrina, Danika, Imogen, Kayla, Emily, Barbie, Neko.


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