The First Assignment // Neko vs Planet Fashion

I’ve just gotten back from a trip. “Cool!” you say. “Fun!”

No. Not cool. Not fun. I’m exhausted, man. Instead of following the timezone for my actual country that I am currently living in, I am still following the timezone from the country I left. You know, the one I left several weeks ago.

So that is why, at midnight, I am currently writing this post. Why did I feel the need to share that? I dunno. But now you know!

Anyway, onto the story! Our main character Neko has just arrived for her first day of her internship at a fashion magazine. The editor, Chloe, is not exactly impressed with her arrival, as she expected her to be older…

Chloe sits back down at her desk and cracks her fingers out in front of her. She sighs loudly. “Wow, I am so busy!” she says loudly. “Busy, busy, busy!”

Janessa and Neko sit on the sofa on the other side of the room. “Okay, so for your first assignment, I want you to go out into the city and take some photographs. You’ll be shooting a formal gown in an urban setting.”

“Wow, that sounds great!” Neko says, and she truly means it. “When will the model arrive?”

Janessa frowns, “Hmm. She should have been here by now, actually…”

Suddenly, Kayla bursts through the door. “Sorry I’m late!” she says. “My train was delayed. I just arrived from Aquifolia.”

Neko stand up in surprise. “Kayla! I didn’t know you were modelling now!”

Kayla and Neko are friends at school.

“Oh, yeah,” Kayla blushes. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here. It’s just something I dabble in. On the side.”

Janessa goes up to get the gown. “I hope your measurements your agency gave us were current, this is the only size we’ve got.”

Kayla nods. “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine. I was measured just last month.”

Neko and Kayla head out to the city streets. “Okay, Kayla! Go for it!”

Neko feels comfortable shooting Kayla, and she’s glad she doesn’t have to photograph a stranger for her first assignment.

“Well,” Kayla says. “You’re the photographer. I’m just the model! You’re supposed to tell me what to do! How do you want me to pose?”

“However you want!”

“Perfect! Great one!”


“Perfect! That’s the winning shot, I know it!”

“Alright, I think we’ve got enough,” Neko says, flipping through a preview of the pictures. “I’m sure Janessa and Chloe will be pleased -these look fantastic!”

Neko can’t believe she finished her first assignment so quickly. She can’t wait to show everyone what she can do! Perhaps another company will contact her upon seeing the pictures published in the magazine?

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