Fashion Challenge #3 -Bubblegum Pink Legwarmers

These shoes were second-hand. They’re really pretty, but I don’t use them very often. Where do you wear neon pink high-heeled legwarmers? How do you style them?

To answer these questions, I’ve set myself a challenge. A Fashion Challenge! Today’s challenge is to style these high heeled legwarmer shoes into three different outfits.

Here’s the first outfit! It’s pretty casual, for Barbie’s standards. The shirt was second-hand, so I don’t know where that’s from, but it’s really cute. The skirt came from Fashionista Teresa 2015 -it adds a real pop of colour! The bag is from 2010 I Can Be… A Netball Star.

The model, of course, is Fashionista Chloe Platinum Pop.

The second outfit is more ‘crazy.’ Maybe something she’d wear to a party, or an event. It kind of looks like something you’d see in a music video.

The skirt is from 2015 Rock n Royals Princess Courtney, and the top is from 2014 Football Fashion pack. The necklace is from Fashionista Sweetie Extra Head 2011.

This is a ‘fancy gym outfit.’ You know, something you wouldn’t actually wear to the gym, but something you’d wear if you wanted to pretend you’re going to the gym!

The leggings are from Made to Move, and the top is from …some Fashionista. I forgot who.

And now for some selfies! I applied the Instagram filter ‘Juno’ to these, I think it really makes the colours pop! Chloe’s hair colour especially looks fantastic here.

Dance, doll, dance!

Okay, that’s enough!

What do you think of these outfits? Which is your favourite?


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