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A Summer Photoshoot + Some Blog Changes

If you don’t want to read about changes coming to the blog, just scroll down for the photoshoot!

Okay, so I’ve been obsessing over my stats a lot lately. Looking over the most popular tags, reading articles about improving traffic, fixing up the navigation, etc. For the last week or so, I’ve spent at least an hour working on my blog every day.


So, I’ve decided to step up my game. I’ve already taken some steps to improve my photostories by editing my pictures and making the photostories more ‘to the point.’

I’d like to improve further by increasing my audience’s understanding of what-is-actually-happening in the photostories by including more explanation and detailed scenes.

I’ve already worked on it a little, but I’d also like to fix up my tags. Having 70 posts tagged as ‘Neko’ isn’t helping anyone! I’d also like to become more active on Instagram to drive traffic to the blog, which is my main focus here. I’ve thought about the idea of starting a Barbie-focused YouTube channel, so that may or may not come to fruition soon.

Finally, I’d like to start introducing more varied posts! I’ve got a lot of photostories, but most of my traffic actually comes from my movie reviews (which are time-consuming to write, but the payoff is worth it). I’d also like to focus more on DIYs, tips and tricks, meet the dolls and other things.

Whew! Okay -it’s photoshoot time!

So first off I’ve got my main girl Aimee! Aren’t her freckles ADORABLE? Her hair really pops against the bushes.

And next we have Chloe, who has quickly jumped into my Top 3 Favourite Dolls list.

Now we’ve got Chloe, Aimee and Neko all together. This photo took me a really long time to take -it’s tricky to get their eyes all looking at the camera!

And here’s Kayla. I think her outfit is a little too formal for a day outside, but I just grabbed the first thing I could find.

Drew and Chloe. I feel as though Drew doesn’t get as much attention as the other girls, even though she’s very pretty. I struggle to find her a personality or backstory.

Edeline is from the 12 Dancing Princesses, but now I just use her as Aria’s older sister. I keep calling her Jessica, in my head, for some reason.

Drew, Edeline and Kayla all together. This trio were all produced in 2006, I believe.

And here is the gang all together! Kayla, Aimee, Chloe, Drew, Neko and finally Edeline. I don’t really like this photo, but I spent a lot of time arranging the dolls in different ways and just couldn’t get a photo I liked! I eventually decided that the dolls should face away from the camera.

Oh, one more thing -remember when I mentioned that my interest in Barbies was diminishing?

Yeah, scratch that. It’s back now! Every day, I ask myself ‘what am I going to work on now?’ It’s fun to have a project again.

UPDATE: Since posting more regularly (every second day, instead of 3x week), my views are increasing much more frequently! February has quickly risen to be one of my best months ever, in terms of statistics. If you are looking to get more viewers, definitely try to post more often!

9 thoughts on “A Summer Photoshoot + Some Blog Changes

  1. I want my stats up too! Except I can’t find the time to do everything. I’ve got dozens of half-finished blog posts. lol
    Also, I really love the photo shoot. You have such wonderful dolls.


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