The Final Decision // Neko vs Planet Fashion

Hi! This post covers a tricky subject but I think it’s important that we talk about it! (even in doll-form!) It’s hard because ‘everyone is entitled to an opinion’ and nobody is forced to be friends with another person, and we’re all allowed to believe whatever we want to believe, etc, etc.

(Also, a reminder that Neko is just 17 years old. Her reaction might seem a bit dramatic but she’s almost a child).


It’s another day for Neko in New Doll City, where she is working as an intern at the fashion magazine Planet Fashion. After being treated as a delivery girl all day yesterday, she is eager to prove her worth and do some “real work” today.

“Good morning, Janessa!” Janessa is the editor’s assistant -and the only doll to be nice to her during her internship.

“Good morning, Neko,” Janessa replies cheerfully. “I love your jacket! Where did you buy it from?”

“Oh, isn’t it cute?” Neko beams. “My girlfriend got it for me, back home, so I’m not sure where it’s from.”

Janessa’s face turns sour. “Oh, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” She pauses for a moment. “I have no problem with gay people, by the way. I just don’t like it when people shove it my face, y’know?”

“Haha. Yeah.”

Neko isn’t sure if that comment was directed at her or not.

Chloe, the editor, interrupts their conversation. “Neko, I’d like you to work on your article today. The one about incorporating harajuku fashion into everyday outfits. I’m sure Janessa can help you.”

“Oh, I’m actually kind of busy today. I don’t think I can work with Neko anymore.”

“Fine,” Chloe says, seemingly unaffected by this development. “You can just work with me, then. I’ll show you how to use the program.”

“Have you used Photohsop before?” Chloe asks. Neko nods. “Well, this program is a bit like that, expect it’s for designing page layouts…”


Once Neko has got the hang of the program, she starts designing the article on her own while Chloe makes some phone calls.

“Bryan, for goodness sake!” Chloe says, loud enough for the office above them to hear. “I said next week, not next month! I needed that delivery two days ago!”

Chloe looks up and notices Neko sobbing silently at the desk.

“Hold on, Byran. I have to go. I’ll call you later.”

“Neko, are you okay?” Chloe asks, going over to comfort Neko.

“Everyone here hates me! I want to go home!”

“What?” Chloe is shocked. “Nobody hates you! You’re very helpful around the office, we’re glad to have you.”

“No, you’re not!” Neko knows she’s acting like a child, but she can’t help it. “Janessa hates me, and you said my photos are trash!”

Chloe sighs. “I’m sorry I said that. Things have been really difficult for me lately. I have a lot of …personal things going on.” She takes a deep breath. “Do you really want to go home?”

Neko nods. She misses Aquifolia. She misses her friends. She misses everything.

“Okay, you can leave, if that’s what you want. But if you ever need anything, call me straight away. I’m sorry I was rude to you, you don’t deserve that. I forgot that you were so young sometimes…”

Neko nods. “Thanks, Chloe.”


Okay, whew! I’m going to do one final wrap-up episode and then that’ll be the end of Neko vs Fashion Planet. I think that was a fun little plot twist at the end, how Janessa ended up being a jerk and Chloe ended up being nice. (But don’t worry! Janessa is totally going to redeem herself later on)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the next mini-series, and I have two options:

1.) Career-focused Chloe meets THE MAN OF HER DREAMS. Problem is, he’s a little older and already has three children! Is Chloe willing to move to Aquifolia and settle down?

2.) Barbie sets out to prove she isn’t just a “dumb blonde” and starts her own fashion store. However, she cracks under the pressure to run her store and be successful at school. Will Barbie admit defeat or find a way to keep her store up and running?

I think I will end up doing both! Haha.


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