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Meet Chloe // Just Add Chloe

I’ll be the first to admit it -these photos are not very good. However, I felt obliged to post them since I started off my “Neko vs Planet Fashion” mini-series with a “Meet Neko” post, so I thought I might as well start off my “Just Add Chloe” series with a “Meet Chloe” post.

As an editor for a popular teen magazine, there are three things in life that Chloe loves: black coffee, new clothes and the smell of a fresh issue of Planet Fashion hot off the printer.

“Excuse me? What are you doing, standing there like that? Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Chloe values the quality of her work very highly. Every day, she is the first one to arrive at the office and the last one to leave at night. Anything less than perfection is not acceptable!

As much as Chloe loves her life in New Doll City, the bustling hub for all things fashion, she often sneaks away to gardens like these to get some work done.

“Get some work done?” Chloe laughs, folding up her magazine and getting up off the bench. “You think I can get any work done with you standing there like that, narrating my life? Pfft! I’m heading back to the office!”


FWI, the description for the upcoming series is as follows:

“Chloe, an independent magazine editor living in New Doll City doesn’t need a man. That is, until she meets Steven! But there’s just one problem -Steven’s three children! Is Chloe willing to swap her fast-paced, coffee-fueled city lifestyle for bedtime stories, soccer practise and school fundraisers?”


In case you missed my last mini-series, head over to the index and read it here!

Here is the description:

“High school student / budding fashion blogger Neko is offered the chance of a lifetime -an internship at the cool magazine Planet Fashion in New Doll City! When everything goes wrong, can Neko stick it out or will she be forced to say goodbye to her fashion dreams?”

Also I mentioned before that I wanted to do a mini-story about Barbie starting her own fashion store -that is still coming! (probably) I will try to do that next. (Although I have been tossing around the idea of changing it to a hair salon / spa…)

We’ll see! Let me know -are you a city person, or do you prefer the countryside?



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