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Skipper Babysitters Inc. Doll “Nerada” [New 2018!]

Remember how I found Stephanie, the blonde curly-haired doll at Kmart just recently? She was sitting there on the shelf all by herself. Funnily enough, that’s exactly how I found my next Babysitters Inc. doll, too! She was by herself, with two more curly-haired girls by her side. Still there was no price tag, but she scanned at the register for $13.

The doll aisle was quite busy today, I had to reach in over several people and grab her before anybody else did! I then ran off with the doll to the checkout 😉

The box is the exact same as the last Babysitter doll I bought. You can read the review about the previous doll here.

The accessories include a pink bottle (Stephanie’s is blue), a cardboard pizza, a notepad and a toy (I decided not to keep the toy, so I didn’t bother to photograph it).

Stephanie came with some popcorn, while this girl comes with pizza. I threw away the popcorn but I will keep the pizza -at least it makes sense to have flat pizza! Having a cardboard popcorn seems a bit redundant.

Her shoes are pink sneakers. They say “Skipper” on the bottom. They’re cute, but nothing particularly special.

Her outfit is floral shorts and a long pink shirt. I wouldn’t mix patterns like this irl, but on a doll it kinda works! It’s cute, I like both pieces very much (not that I have anything to mix them with!)

The shorts are made with tough material, while the shirt is very soft and feels like a real shirt.

Her phone is blue. I like it how all the dolls have different colours and designs -imagine if you collected the whole line and they were all the same! That would be annoying.

It would have been nice if there wasn’t a baby’s face on the phone. Is the baby her wallpaper? Is the baby ringing her? (haha) Why isn’t there a regular phone screen? So many questions!

I think her face is very cute and sweet! She has the same shape eyes as Stephanie. I like how her lipstick colour matches her shirt. At first I wasn’t liking the mole, I thought it was a mark made by mistake, but now I think it’s cute! It definitely makes her more interesting and special.

Her hair is roped together by plastic bands, and she has an annoying tag stuck into her head.

Fun Fact: I usually cut these out, as close as I can get the scissors. This leaves a tiny bit of cord stuck in her head that you can feel when you brush the doll’s hair. Today, I decided to give the cord a strong pull and it popped right out! It feels smooth and lovely now; no plastic bump on this girl!

The plastic ties leave a few bumps in her hair. They’ll smooth out in time, I guess.

Here she is with Stephanie! As you can see, they have the same hollow body with the bent arm. While I was photographing for this post, both girls fell over at least twenty times! I would definitely pay more for a bend n snap body… :/

All my Skipper dolls together! Please ignore Taylah (the one on the right, with the blue hair), who is still wearing her bikini top. It was almost 11pm and I really couldn’t be bothered to change her outfit.

I think my OG 2012 Skipper (on the left) looks the youngest out of the four, while Taylah looks like her cooler, older cousin who Skipper is jealous of. You can read Taylah’s introduction post here, and Skipper’s introduction post here.

At first I was going to name this girl “Janet,” because she reminded me of Janet from the Wee 3 Friends line, but then I thought that might be a bit weird because Janet is Stacie’s friend.

I then decided to name her Janessa, in true Barbie fashion. (Janessa is a character from the 2006 film Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses and the 2009 film Barbie presents Thumbelina).

THEN I realised I already have a doll named Janessa! Silly me! So her name is Nerada. Somebody on Instagram suggested it awhile ago, for a different doll.

I’m really, really happy with my purchase! I think she’s just adorable. She’s prettier than both Skipper (left) and Stephanie (right), if you ask me!

If I collect all the dolls in this series, I won’t be annoyed with myself at all because I think they are really worth it. And only $13! What a deal.

What do you think? Which Babysitter doll is your favourite?

8 thoughts on “Skipper Babysitters Inc. Doll “Nerada” [New 2018!]

  1. Hey Holly! How are you doing? That’s a really pretty doll (she’s actually one of my favorites out of the new Skipper Babysitters Inc. line.)

    I thought I should mention something I first saw yesterday. As you probably know, yesterday was Barbie’s birthday. Mattel posted a new vlog on that day, except there was a major problem… the animation . I don’t know what happened it just looks…horrible. Almost like they didn’t have enough time to finish it or something.

    Barbie’s room has been remodeled to the Dreamhouse Adventures bedroom, which is fine by me, but the actual animation is awful in my opinion. Barbie’s eyes are no longer the bright blue they used to be. They look almost brown, which isn’t what I’m used to seeing. Also, her hair appeared darker. What’s weird is that, in the Dreamouse Adventures trailer, her eyes and hair looked as they always do. Why would Mattel change things now when the new series already established how Barbie currently looks?

    So, yeah, that’s really strange. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet. You always mention the animation from Pink Shoes, but I’d almost rather have that! Or maybe I’m being too dramatic! Lol!


    1. Yes! It was a bit like it came from a poorly-made video game from 2010! It looked so bad! All the changes are so weird -they were probably working on that during the break. I couldn’t even finish the video lol.

      It’s SO bizarre that they made a trailer in the old style when they knew they were going to change it later on. I hope they won’t change Dreamhouse Adventures to match this new style… (back when they still made Barbie movies, sometimes there would be major differences between the trailer and the actual film) GAH I’m not even excited about new vlogs anymore ::(


      1. Well, I’ll admit I scrolled down to the comments section, just to see what other people were saying about it, and almost every comment about the change seemed very negative. I’m hoping that Mattel will realize people are not liking this at all, and possibly revert back to the old model. Although, being that they apparently spent quite a bit of time making the changes, it’s unlikely that will happen.

        On a bit of side note, people were also complaining about the voice actress, saying it wasn’t the usual person who voices Barbie in the vlogs But, now that I think about it, Mattel never actually revealed who the person was, did they? I remember early on people were debating it in the comments section, but nobody had any reasonable conclusion.

        And yeah, I think you’re right about it resembling a video game! I mean, why did they think this would get a positive review from fans? It didn’t even look like Barbie!

        I probably will still watch, just because she said something about a full house tour, and I really want to know if the house in the vlogs and Dreamhouse Adventures is the same, which I believe it is. Although, if it remains this terrible in animation, I’ll probably quit watching too. After all, that animation kinda reminded me of a combination between Perfect Christmas and a video game.


      2. Full house tour? Okay, I’m down for that! I normally don’t bother to read the comments because the kids are like ‘omg I love u barbie plz reply u are my best friend ever.’ 😂 I don’t think they ever revealed the voice actress, but I just went and watched an old one to compare, and it sounds the same to me.

        I really, really hope Dreamhouse Adventures is good. I feel like the Live in the Dreamhouse is a bit …lazy? Like, it’s cool how they made it exactly like the real version and it’s all in exact time, but it’s not anything new or exciting. I hope Dreamhouse Adventures is something fresh.


  2. These people didn’t sound like kids, but I think the major reason I read these comments is because I was hoping to get reactions to the horrific animation. And, yeah, I think you’re right. I’m pretty sure it is the same voice actress. I wonder why they didn’t reveal the person. I know it isn’t Erica Lindbeck, even though she is the current voice actress.

    And, also, I think Live in the Dreamhouse is lazy, too. I watched the first couple of episodes, but then I stopped watching. As you said, it isn’t anything new. Besides, they rarely upload new episodes anyway.

    And I really hope Dreamhouse Adventures is good, too. For some reason I watched a short video today where someone showed all their Barbie movie dolls. They had literally all of the main female leads! However, it kinda made me sad. The new generation probably will never see most of the older movies. I’m not saying the new ones are bad, it’s just that I think kids nowadays won’t see the advertising and trailers and stuff, let alone the actual films because they aren’t promoting them in shops like Walmart or Toys-R-Us anymore.

    I’m probably biased, because although I’m fifteen, I didn’t actually see my first Barbie movie until I was twelve.(I think.) Before that, when I was in the 9-11 age range, I was heavily into Disney Princesses, but especially Ariel and Rapunzel from Tangled. But, if I remember correctly, Princess Charm School was my first Barbie movie, followed by Princess and the Pauper and then The Island Princess, and countless others. Lol! Why did I feel compelled to share my whole personal history with Barbie!


    1. Yeah, I find it difficult to find certain films in the shops anymore, and unlike Disney films, there isn’t a clear rotation so it’s quite inaccessible.

      You watched the best films first! I think I’m lucky because I followed the films as they released -if I had just watched my first film today, I probably wouldn’t care at all. I watched a lot of Disney films, too! I’ve probably seen Aladdin and The Little Mermaid 2 at least a hundred times haha.


  3. Wow she is so pretty! And $13.. that’ amazing! I hope either A) I find her in Kmart soon or.. B) I find her in an OP shop soon. I wouldn’t bet on B too much – I’ve had my fair share of luck from them – 1997 doll with original clothes, 2 M2M dolls, a 2015 Ballet Wishes (no clothes)… But who knows? Anything can happen!

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