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Barbie Happy Family 1st Birthday Toddler Gift-Set 2003

I found it very difficult to research this gift set. I could only find a couple of stock images, and none of them showed me exactly what was in this set. I couldn’t find the box art anywhere! It’s a bit weird. I’ve read that this set is quite rare and difficult to find.

I don’t have the pants or the shoes for the little girl in the middle. I vaguely remember owning the pants, but I can’t remember the shoes at all. It was a total surprise to see that the shoes were white! I must have lost them very early on.

The girl on the left has very straight hair -I don’t remember it ever looking like that! I can’t believe their fringes are so straight, too.

While researching, this is another set I stumbled upon. It includes the table, all the accessories and the playground. What a cool set! I’ve never seen this one before, not even on eBay or Flickr, which is unusual. I thought I knew about all the Happy Family sets!

Here are my dolls. Aren’t their faces adorable? They look so cute! As you can see, their hair is significantly more messy than in the stock photo!

I named the girl on the left Miyah. She is Tori’s daughter, and Neko’s niece.

The girl on the right is named Brittany. I don’t think she has a place in the storyline yet, I just use her as an extra in the background.

The boy on the left doesn’t have a name -he doesn’t have a place in the storyline either. The shirt and the overalls can be worn separately.

The girl on the right, Nikki, didn’t come with this gift set. I just added her in for the photo. I’ve done a seperate feature post on her, which you can read here. Her dress and shirt do not come apart.

I’ve somehow lost the other leg to this table. I haven’t seen it for years! I wonder if it’s floating around somewhere, or maybe I accidentally threw it away.

I still have all the chairs though! They’ve got a cute little swirl pattern around the seat; I think that’s a nice detail. It’s the little things that add up!

All the children have their hands in a fist.

It is easy to position the dolls on the chairs. They don’t fall off, either! Perfectly sized. This replacement table is from the I Can Be…A Preschool Teacher set. You can read about that here.

Another toddler was produced as part of the New Neighbours set.

Li’l Friends of Kelly 2018, The Happy Family -Neighbour Sets. Available from [22 February 2018]

This set of four dolls came with the big house. It’s very rare.

This mother-daughter combo was sold separately, just like the Midge-Nikki combo that I have. It’s difficult to find, but not as difficult to find as the whole family of four.

So, what do you think? Do you own any Happy Family dolls, or any Barbie toddlers in general? Personally, I very rarely use these toddlers but I still think they are very cute! I feel very lucky to own them and I really should make more of an effort to use them.



7 thoughts on “Barbie Happy Family 1st Birthday Toddler Gift-Set 2003

  1. Yeah, they are all pretty rare! I’ve never actually heard of the playground set you mentioned, either, but it looks really cool!

    I don’t own any Happy Family sets/dolls, but they all look really cute! I wish Mattel would make Midge and Alan’s wedding set again, and then maybe a set with the two of them, Ryan, Nikki, and Cassandra.

    Oh, and, I’m sorry for posting on literally everything these days! I’ve been kinda everywhere on your blog lately!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, don’t be sorry! I love reading your comments because you know so much, and I can learn new things 🙂

      I would looovee it if Mattel revisited Happy Family, or at least made a similar series with new characters. I’m happy with the products available at the moment, but there’s nothing that’s “wow amazing!” If they made a new HF, I would probably buy out the whole range lmao.


    1. Aren’t they! I think they are much cuter than the toddlers nowadays, with the moulded on hair. And the little clothes! Gah, I really should bring them out more often.


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