Dressin’ Up // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

It’s the next morning, and Barbie and Skipper are getting ready to go skiing. Stacie is too young to go skiing, so she will be doing a different activity with the other kids at the resort.

Skipper kicks off her day with a vlog.

“What’s up, gang! It’s Skipper Roberts here, and this is day two of our ski resort adventure! Today I am going to be going skiing for the first time, and I am SO excited!”

“Skipper, put the camera down, please,” Barbie sighs. “You’ve got to start getting ready! At least put your skiing clothes on. We’ve got to leave soon!”

Skipper groans. “Fine. Where are they?”

Barbie points to the other side of the room.

Skipper is not very impressed with the skiing clothes that Barbie has ordered for her. “Barbie! This skiing outfit is about ten sizes too big! What am I supposed to do now?”

“Just try it on anyway,” Barbie suggests. “I’m sure it’ll do fine.”

Meanwhile, Stacie is very excited about the snow that is falling outside. “Look, guys!” she says excitedly. “It’s snowing more and more now! It’s so magical!”

“Stacie!” Barbie cannot believe her eyes. “Get off the table! This isn’t our furniture! What if you break it?”

“See, I told you!” Skipper cries. “This is much too big! I feel like a clown!”

“Oh, don’t you look darling!” Barbie gushes. “You look fine, don’t worry! Nobody can tell. Hurry up and put your shoes on.”

Barbie finishes tying up her laces and stands up. “Skiing awaits! I’m so excited!”

“Stacie! What did I tell you? GET OFF THE TABLE!”

She shakes her head in amusement. What a crazy morning! Hopefully everything will be alright once they hit the slopes…

and her sisters'-2.png

That’s all for chapter two of this mini-series! I’ve tried to plan this one more than the previous two stories, so hopefully it will be the best one so far. I’m a bit concerned about the quality of the pictures, I had to re-take many of them because they seemed a little pixelated. Perhaps I’ll try moving the set around to get better lighting.

Have you ever been to the snow? I haven’t! (I’m sure you can tell, considering I don’t know the proper name for ‘ski clothes.’)

See you soon! xx

7 thoughts on “Dressin’ Up // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

    1. In theory, I think snow sounds very nice, and hey, it looks pretty -but then I remember I’m wearing jeans and a jumper in 30+ weather, so I probably wouldn’t be able to stand the cold!

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  1. What a wonderful part two! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Wait…you mean you’ve never seen snow before in your entire life? I suppose I should’ve guessed that, since you live in Australia, and it’s pretty warm there from what I hear.

    I don’t know the proper names for ski clothes, either. I’ve never been skiing, even though we usually get at least a little snow each year. There aren’t any ski resorts around here, but I do live in a small town.

    The mountains of North Carolina are supposed to get quite a bit of snow. I’ve never been to my state’s mountains, though they probably have quite a number of ski resorts. Hmm…I may have to go see them someday!

    Also, I don’t mean to sound rude but did you see my comment from your last post? The one about the storing of doll shoes? Anyway, I’ll let you go for now; I’ve commented enough today! Lol


    1. Haha, yeah, it’s pretty hot. In summer, it gets up to 122 Fahrenheit, and in winter it is around 50. I’m not sure how that compares to your weather. You should go to your mountains! It sounds so fun. Good for taking pictures XD

      Sorry about not replying sooner, I’ve been busy with work 😦 All my posts are scheduled, so I haven’t actually written anything in a week or so. I need to get back into it!


      1. Our weather is absolutely insane. For example, one day it’ll be 32 degrees Fahrenheit with six inches of snow on the ground, and the next day it’ll be about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with all the snow melted! Today, for example, it’s April 7th, but it’s chilly! Anyway, our summers are pretty hot-around 100 degrees or so,-but never 122! I’d probably die in weather that hot!

        Yeah, I would go to the mountains, but they’re about three or four hours away, depending on exactly where I’d want to be. My dad is also not a big fan of snow, despite having grown up in New Jersey, which is very northern United States. He’s not a fan of cold weather in general!

        Oh, you’re fine, I should’ve guessed you were busy at work or college. And I also probably should have guessed your posts are scheduled! It seems like it would be much easier to do that way!


      2. Oh man, that’s ages! For some reason, I thought you could just drive to another state in an hour or so! (We never learnt about the US in school… can you tell? lol)

        The reason my posts are scheduled is because I just write ~so much~. Like, sometimes I will write three posts in one day -and of course, nobody is going to read three posts in one day, so I just space ’em out.


  2. I really wish we could drive to another state in an hour! You’d have to live really close to another state’s border to do that, though. Take North Carolina, for example. We look tiny on most maps, but are actually subdivided into 100 counties!

    Honestly, we’re not currently learning about Australia in school, either. I actually am taking a World History course this year, but we haven’t yet covered much of anything about Australia. That’s probably because we began with the earliest civilizations and are now discussing the Renaissance, which is only the 1400s. And honestly, I don’t even know when Australia became an official country. The majority of what I know about Australia came from that show H20:Just Add Water. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it. It’s about three high school best friends who can transform into mermaids. I was obsessed with it when I was a tween. I might even re-watch it nowadays! Lol!

    Wow, three posts in a day seems like a lot! I think it’s really smart of you to space them out like that!

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