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Barbie Fashionista #81 Wear Your Heart Petite Unboxing & Review [NEW] ❤︎

I visited Kmart today, and of course, I just HAD to check out the Barbie aisle! At first, things were looking dismal…

You guys gonna restock this or what? Where’s the Barbie?

However, when I saw the new Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc playset, I knew this was going to be a good trip! I wasn’t interested in this doll personally (as much as I LOVE potty training dolls, *sarcasm*), but I know it’s a sign of good things to come! Hopefully we’ll get more Skipper Babysitter products in the future…

I also saw three new Dreamtopia mermaids… The cool-girl (with the purple hair), the pale AF-girl (with the blue hair) and the curvy-girl (with the pink hair). Hopefully the princesses will make their debut soon!

This new fashion pack was $9. It’s cute, kind of “trendy, girly private school girl fashion.”

This pack was also $9. I was 100% intending on buying this, but I accidentally left it behind in the store! 😦 Hopefully it will still be there next time! I really want that cute plaid dress, it’s very “rock chick glam.”

Fashionistas are always a good sign… Is there any new ones today?

Yes! #81 Wear Your Heart was there! I have been watching out for this girl for the longest time, and I’m so glad I found her! (This is probably when I forgot about the fashion pack and accidentally put it down…)

OH -if you look in the background, we can see the new almost-bald Fashionista! I didn’t notice her at the time.

Let’s open the box and have a look at her…


Her lips are so bold! I love it ❤ Her sneaky smile is really cute, and her face has a sweet young look. Those defined brows are fierce!

I love the mix of blonde and brown in her hair -I’m actually thinking about dying my own hair, I wonder if I should go for this colour…

The dress and shirt are completely seperate. Hooray! I love it when Fashionistas come with more than one clothing item. The shirt by itself is a cute, high-neck crop top. It would look fantastic with that red leather skirt that I left in the store :/ I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU!

Update: I went back to the store and the fashion pack was sold out. I went to a different store, and there weren’t any fashion sets. Nonetheless, I will persevere!

I have decided that I will name the doll Veronica Jessica.

What do you think about this doll? Are you as obsessed with her as I am? What about the products I saw in the store -are there any you are planning on buying?



14 thoughts on “Barbie Fashionista #81 Wear Your Heart Petite Unboxing & Review [NEW] ❤︎

  1. It’s funny you should post this today. Amazon in the USA has a new Barbie shop and last night, after reading your last post, I checked it out. Those fashion packs were there and I ended up buying 4, including the one with the red skirt. They probably won’t arrive for weeks (I’m still waiting for my last consolidated box from the USA shipped 10 days ago.) I thought of you when I was ordering them. “Didn’t I just say I wasn’t tempted to buy any of these…” LOL!


    1. PS Fashionista 81 is super cute. I might get her if I end up with two curvy dancers and rebody her onto one. But I’ve got to stop buying dolls! Last night I counted up the West Enders and there are currently 132 of them! I can’t possibly fit them all into my story line – most of them are just filling up crowd scenes. But they all have names and jobs and stories. And I’ve got 8 more ordered that haven’t arrived yet and 3 I definitely want to buy. Eeek!


      1. SAME. I have lots of dolls I almost never bring out, ones I bought “just because they looked nice.” Oh man, it’s a problem. I had over 100 at one point, not sure how many I have now… Not quite 130 though!

        The multi-fashion packs are terribly cute, and terribly useful. So many pieces! So it’s a good purchase 🙂 I’ll have to check out Amazon again. I’ve ordered from there in the past, but import fees are a bit of a bother. It’s so tempting though…


    1. I’ve been thinking about getting the pink haired one! I’ve seen lots of photos of her on Instagram, some people have styled her really nicely. If I had more money and more time, I would spend all day shopping and dressing and taking photos of my dolls XD

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      1. That’s exactly what I’d do if I had more money and more time!! 😀 I’d like to get more jeans for my dolls, I don’t see many jeans around. I knitted them all trousers and jumpers, because mostly I pick mine up in second hand shops. I’d like them to do more curvy fashionistas, they make a nice change from the usual dolls. 🙂 ❤

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  2. She’s so pretty! You’re very lucky to have her!

    So Jessica is her name? I really like it. It’s really pretty! I actually have an aunt named Jessica…and one named Millicent! How weird is that? I’ve never met my Aunt Millicent before, as she lives far away, but I can’t help but think about Barbie’s Aunt Millicent without thinking about her! Lol!

    Yeah, you’re probably right about the first fashion pack…it does look kind of “trendy, private school girl”. As I mentioned before, I attend an extremely small private school, but we have to wear a uniform. In my opinion, it’s much better that way, as before we switched to uniforms we had a really strict dress code, and it was quite difficult to find school-approved clothes. But we do have choices when it comes to what color skirt or shirt we prefer to wear on any given day, as long as it’s from the website (which, ironically is called French Toast), the school approved.


    1. Yeah, I used to think that school uniforms were annoying, but having a super-strict dress code sounds much worse! It’s cool you can pick what colours you can wear. I’m not sure how strict your uniform is, but at my school, we had to wear certain types of socks and certain types of hair-ties, and so on. At least we didn’t have to plan our outfits?? Haha.

      I would definitely be comparing her to Barbie’s Aunt Millicent! Especially because the character lives in France, which is also far away. Matching! I’m not sure what to do with Jessica (the doll) yet. I might rebody her, but I love how short she is! If they made articulated petite dolls, I would be a very happy girl 🙂


      1. They told you what hair-ties and socks to wear? Whoa! We never had anything that strict! We literally could wear neon socks (I think a girl in 6th grade did), and they really didn’t (and still don’t) care. We can also wear flip-flops or sandals (weather permitting, of course.)

        Now, with the uniforms, we simply have to wear polo shirts and a pleated skirt. When we have gym class, everybody has to change into their athletic uniforms, which the school provides (though I’m certain it works into the tuition cost). The only major problem is that we don’t have any locker rooms where people can change. Me and the other girls have to squeeze into the tiny girls’ bathroom. Like, it’s the only bathroom we’re allowed to use! The good news is that we have janitors who do a really good job cleaning it, but there are only three stalls and two sinks. Half the time we’re trying (well, actually, struggling), to make room for the tiny little kindergartener girls! Yeah, it’s a mess. But our gym teacher has taught us since 7th grade, and he doesn’t mind if we’re a little late. Yeah, that was a bit of a rant. I’m glad we only have gym class on Mondays and Wednesday!

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  3. She is really pretty! I think I’ve seen her in Myer, but I put her right back when I saw the price tag – $20! (I’ve barely got that much money left haha).

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