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Myer: The Hero We Need, The Prices We Don’t.

Myer is something of a “luxury department store.” My local store has two floors of products -mostly clothing, best suited to rich middle aged women, but also technology, pyjamas, and best of all, TOYS!

The Barbie aisle at Myer is particularly big, and it’s always filled with products that have long left other stores. I usually don’t make an effort to visit Myer because the prices are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE (when you can just buy the same thing elsewhere for a lower price), and it’s also a giant maze and I usually almost always get lost.

However, today I made an exception because I wanted to see if there were any new products. Myer sometimes has “exclusive” products, such as a few Barbie Collector dolls, that aren’t sold anywhere else in the state. Neat, huh? (Too bad they’re $100+ just for Pink Label dolls…)

Here we have the Pizza Chef doll -I’m honestly not sure if I’ve seen this one before irl, or if I’ve just seen lots of advertisement for it.

Here we have the Gigi Hadid and Wonder Woman Collector dolls. These were a big surprise; even though we get Collector dolls at Myer sometimes, they aren’t always readily available. Today I was lucky, because there were loads!

This was my first time seeing the astronaut and space scientist dolls. It’s unfortunate you have to buy both at the same time!

Over here we have lots of playsets. I’ve seen all these before, so they were NBD.

Heaps of Fashionistas! I have literally never seen this many Fashionistas, in one store, at the same time before.

EVEN MORE! Two of these dolls I had never seen before -the one with the emoji vest, and the tall girl with the short hairstyle.

Some more guys… I honestly can’t remember if I’ve seen these before, I don’t really pay attention.

Lots of new Dreamtopia dolls, including the curvy mermaid. I was really interested in the princess, the one with the dark hair.

Image result for barbie dreamtopia princess 2018

This one here! Unfortunately, she was $20+ and I can’t really justify paying that for such a plain doll. Hopefully she will release in other stores soon…

A new curvy fairy doll. I don’t really like her.

Another new fairy. This one is a bit too “rainbow” for me!

I was going to buy this Fashionista, but I didn’t end up getting her. She’s cute, but she’s not that cute, and I can’t justify having one million Fashionistas lying around I don’t use.

This Dreamhorse was totally new for me! I have seen her online a few times, it seems like she has lots of actions. Not really my style anymore, but a fun gimmick.

This must be the new version of the Dreamtopia castle. It’s cute, I prefer it over the last version. I don’t think there was a Barbie castle available when I was younger -I would have loved this! Princess stories were always my favourite.

Here we have the animal rescuer playset, that one was totally new for me as well. It’s got lots of accessories, but nothing I would use personally.

Above that is the Dreamtopia Sweetville Carriage. I haven’t seen that before, not even online, so that was a surprise. I don’t really like the horse, it looks a bit stiff, I would have preferred a mane made out of real hair.

Over on the left was a Birthday Wishes doll -she’s cute, but not worth the price! Her face is a bit bland.

Above that is some Star Light Adventure dolls. I also saw some Spy Squad dolls, but I forgot to photograph them. It makes me wonder ‘why are these still here?’

I really wanted this Club Chelsea two-doll pack, because both of the girls are super cute, but it was $26. For two small dolls! What a rip-off.

I also saw a new fashion pack -I liked the dress, but the bathing suit is a bit weird. Why is there that extra fabric along the bottom?

Finally, I saw the Ballet Wishes doll (cute, but again, not my style) and the Totally Hair Barbie doll. I was tempted to get the Totally Hair Barbie back in 2017, but now I’m glad I didn’t. She would just sit on a shelf and gather dust!

Whew! What a lot of items! I’ll definitely have to check out Myer more often! It’s nice to have a look, even if everything is ridiculously over-priced. If I ever get a gift card, I know where I’m headed!

What are your favourite items? Is there anything you would buy?







12 thoughts on “Myer: The Hero We Need, The Prices We Don’t.

  1. I haven’t seen the Fashionista with the black and white striped skirt before. Cute!

    Unfortunately, I am at the point where I consider buying a non-articulated doll just for the outfit! But I hate to have another Barbie blonde just sitting on the sidelines. If their faces were more expressive I would have some use for them, but most are preternaturally cheerful with that same frozen smile and vacant eyes.

    I also like the leather and frills doll with the edgy looking hairstyle. The Afro-American cupcake chef is very pretty in that pink chef coat and her hair is streaked with blonde highlights. Tempting, but again…no.

    I love the ‘cooking’ play sets, but nowadays it only inspires me to build a DIY kitchen for my dolls! Thanks for another fun fantasy shopping spree!

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    1. Yeah, it’s much better to buy a Fashionista just for the outfit in comparison to a fashion pack. At least the Fashionista outfits are nice! Haha. I definitely know what you mean about having lots of the same kind of doll staring at you -I suppose we can always donate them, but that feels like a waste of money.

      I feel like most of the things I see are “tempting.. but no.” Like, they are nice, but they are not *that* nice to spend lots of money on. Y’know?

      I’m not sure if you use Instagram regularly, but @dollymissmash makes some really awesome DIY kitchens. I am in awe!

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  2. Hey Holly! Great post! I’ve never heard of this store before-it must be an Australia exclusive. The prices seem to be, as you said, incredibly high.

    That Barbie Dreamtopia castle playset reminds me of a Disney Princess castle I had when I was younger. I remember I loved pretending that they were hosting balls or having tea…those were good times. Lol!

    Anyway, I found the opening credits to Dreamhouse Adventures! Unfortunately they are in Portuguese, but they reveal a couple of things. The first being that you were right, Nikki and Teresa are in the series! The pink-haired girl is a new character, but I won’t reveal her name as to not spoil anything for you.

    Here’s the link:

    I had a little help from my dad, and I really hope it works! All I’m gonna say now is that there a couple new characters which many fans (including myself) have been wondering about. They have never been seen before! Oh, I’m even more excited now!

    (If for some reason it does not work correctly, you could go to the YouTube channel Barbie Filmes Br. It’s entirely in Portuguese, but that’s the only opening credits video I could find.)

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    1. Thanks for the Dreamhouse Adventures credits!! I just CANT WAIT till someone leaks the videos, or they com out for free. It looks really fun – even my brother can’t wait to watch it!

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    2. Ooh thank you! I don’t mind it being in a different language at all; often the first trailers of Barbie movies were in different languages, and it’s generally pretty easy to tell what’s happening.

      It starts in May, right? Oh, I cannot wait! Maybe I will write a post about the opening credits lol, if it’s interesting enough. Haha.


      1. Hey Holly! Did you end up watching it? Because there’s something really interesting in it! I won’t reveal anything, Lol!

        Because of the surprise included in the opening credits, I think it could definitely warrant a small post!


  3. I saw most of those when I went to Myer too. My Myer has a lot of Fashionistas, but they are mostly the same 5. I really like some of those fashionistas – if I find then for less that $5 each, I’ll get it. My store has a whole section of Barbie. It has these fancy doors that don’t lead anywhere except to the other side of them, and there is a huge glitter high heel, and a tv with Barbie: Life in the dreamhouse playing all day. And there are shelves full of dolls. I like some of them, like a curvy scientist, but I don’t actually buy them. I just play around with them while people think I have gone crazy, then leave there.
    I have that 2016 Ballet Wishes doll. I got her because I really loved and did Ballet back then. Back then I bought the dolls to play with, so her hair and tutu are messed up. I found the 2015 in the OP shop (nude) and I want the 2018 one if I can get it.
    I agree the prices are quite high. But I find it fun to look at EVERY SINGLE BOX.
    I really wish Myer would drop the prices. It is SO ANNOYING!!!!

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    1. Oh that’s so cool! I would just sit in there and watch TV all day 😂 The 2016 ballet wishes doll is so beautiful! It’s fine that she’s a little messed up -that’s what dolls are for, right? All mine have such messy hair aha.

      I used to do ballet as well! I really love it, but it’s difficult to make time to stretch and practise everyday.

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      1. My brother would too. Yeah, she is. I suppose that is what dolls are for. And I can sort of put the hair into that hairstyle again… All my dolls have messy hair too. By the time I put the doll on the shelf again, I snatch them off the shelf and re-brush it until I give up.

        Cool. I really loves it too. But I agree – the time was the hardest bit. And I got kind of discouraged when my teacher said that I was the worst honors student in front of the whole school (about 1,000 people!!). There were only 7 ballet honors. I still practice the old things some times though.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She was actually pretty good at the teaching part. Quite a few of her students are in the Australia Ballet now! And she was pretty kind to most of the girls and boys. I think she expected more of me because I was an honors student.

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