The Girls Have A Visitor // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

To thank Janessa for teaching Skipper how to ski, Barbie has invited her over to their cabin.

“Wow, Barbie!” Janessa says. “Did you pay extra or this place or something? Yours looks fabulous! You even have a Christmas tree!”

Barbie beams. She organised having the tree set up herself. “Oh, I just love getting into the holiday spirit! Would you like a cookie? I baked them fresh this morning.”

“Oh no, I’m heading back to New Doll City tomorrow. The kids always give me plenty of cookies!”

“The kids?” Barbie asks. “Do you have children?”

Barbie was surprised Janessa hadn’t mentioned this before. She thought it was a bit odd, leaving her children behind to visit a ski resort! And right before Christmas, too!

Janessa laughs. “Me? Children? Never! I do volunteer work over the Christmas period, for children who come from disadvantaged families. Often, their parents can’t afford to hold a lavish party or dinner, so we organise activities and games for them.”

“Oh, how wonderful!” Barbie thinks that is a brilliant idea. “My sisters and I would love to help out! Where can we sign up?”

From behind the Christmas tree, Skipper and Stacie make a face at each other. “I wonder what Barbie’s signing us up for now!” Stacie moans. “First a surprise ski holiday, now this! Whatever will she think of next!”

“I sure wish Barbie would just leave us out of her schemes!” Skipper sighs.

4 thoughts on “The Girls Have A Visitor // Barbie and Her Sisters in a Christmas Adventure

  1. Cool! I really like the idea of Barbie and her sisters helping out disadvantaged children! Oh, and I thought it was nice of Barbie to invite Janessa over : )

    Okay, I don’t wanna totally overwhelm you with Dreamhouse Adventures stuff, but I discovered yet another video! It appears to be the beginning of the first episode.

    Here’s the link:

    I don’t want to give away too much, but the video (in a subtle way) reveals Barbie’s age in the series. if I remember correctly, in a couple vlogs she says she first moved to Malibu when she and Ken were eight years old. In this video, she says something to the effect of “and almost ten years later” , indicating to me that she’s either already eighteen or going on eighteen. I don’t know why I thought this was interesting, Lol!

    Also, I read somewhere that Mattel has plans to release a new Dreamhouse playset soon. I guess it’d make sense, because we haven’t had a new one since 2016 (or was it 2017?). Anyway, that’s not 100% confirmed at this point. It was just something I saw on some website called “Barbielist Holland”. And we all know you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet!


  2. I saw the start of the episode too -I really liked it so far! I’m looking forward to watching the rest, it seems really well-done. I couldn’t find the part on Barbielist Holland about the new Dreamhouse, but I frequent that site pretty often and it’s generally correct. So that’ll be good! I don’t think the 2017 Hello Dreamhouse playset was that popular, certainly not as popular as the all-pink 2015 Barbie Dreamhouse.

    There’s another video on Barbie’s Twitter, too. It’s pretty short, and just says “Barbie is a natural born leader and will always do what she thinks is right. Her boundless enthuasium and determination helps her achieve anything she sets her mind to.” Hopefully we get more character bios soon! (I’m looking forward to Daisy’s in particular…)


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