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Products in Promo Images May Be Better Than They Appear -What’s New at Target?

Today I headed down to Target (not my local store, a different one that I visit occasionally). I didn’t have very high expectations; as a smaller store, there is usually only one or two things. However, when I arrived, the store layout had changed! They have extended the shelf space for Barbie (since they’re not selling EAH and MH anymore), which means there’s now over ten different products!

I didn’t quite manage to snap a direct picture of every single product, especially products I see all the time, but you should be able to see everything if you look closely in the corners.

Up on the top shelf, we have two different types of Club Chelsea dolls. On the left we can see a new AA boy! I think this is the second Club Chelsea boy; the first was Notto, and now we have this unnamed lad. I really like him! I might pick him up if I see him again.

Next to him we have a little girl. I have seen her a couple times before, and I like her real skirt, but her pigtails look like they could get annoying.

I tend to not use children very much, only as props to move the story along. I find it difficult to give them any kind of personality. Still, they’re only $9 each, so it’s NBD if I barely use them.

Here we have a Dreamtopia Flying Wings Fairy. I think this is my second time seeing her. A cute gimmick, but it looks cheap (surely they could have done a better job with that skirt?)

Over here we have the Careers Teacher playset; it was really cool to see this one up close! It’s great how it comes with so many accessories, like the plant and the cute little bear. The little girl looks really sweet, but I would have preferred some real hair. Barbie looks very standardised -I bet we’ll be seeing these all over garage sales in a few years to come! (Also -take a look at her knees! They’re very pronounced, even through her leggings). This set is $29, which isn’t a bad price, especially since the doll is worth at least $10 by herself.

On the right we have the Colour Surprise doll. I’ve seen her a couple of times before; she’s cute, but I wouldn’t bother to purchase her.

Over here we have a Beach Budget doll (snooze!), an AA Gem Princess and… A 2018 DREAMTOPIA MERMAID! This $13 blue girl was high on my wishlist, and for a good reason, too! Just look at her promo image!

Image result for barbie dreamtopia 2018

Look at the detail on her tail! The beautiful coloured hair! The silver accessories!

But wait… In real life, her expressionless, eyeshadow-free stare looks boring. Her tail might be fancy, but her pink necklace looks cheap. Just from looking at her, I know her hair will be sticky and full of glue.

To quote my high school principal when she found out students had downloaded Tinder: “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.” 

On the positive side, I also saw a new 2018 Fashionista! I hope this is a good sign of even more Fashionistas to come! I thought this $13 girl was super, super cute, but we don’t have any pale articulated curvy dolls yet so I decided to hold off.

I might go back to get her.


What do you think? Personally, the AA Club Chelsea doll, and the Lavender Kiss Fashionista are my favourite items. I’m excited to see more of the Dreamtopia dolls -if I can’t get my hands on a pretty mermaid, I’m sure I could settle for a pretty princess or fairy!


9 thoughts on “Products in Promo Images May Be Better Than They Appear -What’s New at Target?

  1. You are so right about the blue mermaid! I love her blue hair, but her expression is less cheerful and excited than in the promotional image. I’m going to keep my eye on that! Amazingly the other day I was just wandering through Target and stumbled upon one of MY wishlist items: The MTM curvy dancer doll with the bright pink hair!! And only $15. I had to do a double take and then get a price check. She was the only one on the shelf…so of course, it was meant to be! It pays to keep an eye on those shelves. Thanks for another fun browse, Holly!


      1. Ha ha! It didn’t even have its own place on the shelf with a price label beneath. The way it was just sitting there mis-stocked…well it felt supernaturally pre-destined!

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  2. I’ve actually seen that AA little boy before. I think their might have been an “unbox daily” MyFroggyStuff video which featured him…or maybe I saw him on some other site.

    And yes, you’re definitely right about the promo images! Mattel must have a whole crew of people who arrange the doll’s hair and somehow photoshop the face to make them look “perfect”. Or they must do something like that. I don’t know. I think it would be a million times better to photograph the dolls as they will appear when you actually buy them. Also, they should settle down with all of that hair gel!

    Also, have you found any more Dreamhouse Adventures videos? It seems very strange to me that Mattel has only released, what, two videos so far on their official Barbie channel? Especially since the series premiere is tomorrow for the U.S.

    Oh, and, totally random, but what is Tinder? The kids at my school have confused me about so many social media sites, but they’ve never even mentioned Tinder. That’s a little weird, but then again, my friends can’t possibly use every single form of social media available, right? (Or can they? Who knows? Lol)


    1. I have noticed a few new videos, like the ‘Kids React’ one, but I have been avoiding them because I don’t want to spoil the show for me (well, any more than I already have!) I checked Netflix this morning and the show isn’t there, which I expected, but I’ll definitely check back on May 18.

      Yes to everything you said, especially the hair gel! There’s nothing worse than touching a doll’s hair and finding it all stiff and gross.

      Oh lol, Tinder is a dating app. Technically, you can’t use it ’till you’re 18, but most people use it when they’re teenagers. It’s a bit dangerous if you ask me, but I know a lot of people who like it.


      1. Yes, I noticed the “Kids React” video too, but I’m going to wait till after I watch the episodes to avoid spoilers.

        Anyway, so, I checked Netflix this evening (I actually use my cousin Brittany’s account, the one who had her birthday recently), and it turns out Mattel actually released the first eight episodes! I’m so excited! I plan to watch at least the first two after I’m done typing this.

        Lol, I didn’t know Tinder was a dating app! I agree, it’s very dangerous! Teenagers shouldn’t be using it! I’ve never met anyone who’s used it before, but I suppose this all shows how ridiculously naïve I am!


  3. I totally agree with you about the promo images! Do you remember Fashionista #24 Crazy for Coral? Well, in the image I totally loved her hair and I thought her face was cute. But then when I saw her in the store, her hair was a total mess! Rather than being pretty curls, it looked more like AFRO! And her face wasen’t as nice as I remembered.
    I had really liked the blue mermaid too! I was like ‘I have to buy it!!’, but after seeing more and more dolls not being what I expected them to be, and after this post, I’m thinking ‘I think I’ll just print out a picture…’
    I really love than new fashionista, too! I don’t think I really use her.. but she does look pretty good in your photo.. did she look that good in person, too? Sometimes I also find that dolls look better in photos, even without any type of filter.
    So, getting off the topic of this post, I’ve just found something out. Well, it isn’t really big new or anything useful, but I thought you might wan to know anyway. So, when I googled ‘dreamhouse adventures’, one of the first articles was your one! I’m not sure if it only popped up because I read you blog pretty much everyday, or because it is related to the topic.

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