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Barbie Fashionista #72 Overall Awesome 2018 Review

I was on Amazon the other day, and I realised that I quite liked Fashionista #72.  I had noticed her at Target in the past, but hadn’t bought her at the time, so Target was exactly where I headed.

Sorry the photos are bad quality, it was nighttime by the time I got home and I couldn’t wait to take her out of the box! I’ll definitely do a better post soon.

She was $10, $3 off the usual price. A good deal! There was another curvy Fashionista I liked, the lavender one, but I decided I shouldn’t go too crazy.

This is how she looked when I first pulled her out of the box. Her hair was quite messy, and when I touched it, pieces of hair kept falling out. Not a good first impression, huh?

Her face is so cute and unique! She looks like a sporty girl. At first I was going to call her Josie, but then I remembered that I don’t have a Nikki doll yet. With Dreamhouse Adventures coming up, I figured I should have my own personal Nikki doll.

Nikki’s shoes are a really lovely cream pink colour, with cute detailing above the heel. They’re really fashionable; I like the shoes a lot.

The dress and the shirt come seperate, which I was really thankful for. The shirt by itself is really, really nice and the pattern goes all the way around.

While the dress might not be super useful, the shirt is an item I really love, and it’s something I will be using more of in the future.

The sunglasses are mirrored and they don’t stay on very well. They look good on her head, but her face? Not so much.

Her hair is quite frizzy and tangled at the ends. I’ll have to give her a boil wash soon. I really like the mint green streak of colour, it’s something that really attracted me to this doll at first.

The velcro on the dress goes all the way down the back, which makes for speedy changing!

Here is the front of the dress, it’s quite similar to denim dresses I have seen in the shops recently. I would definitely wear this outfit myself in real life!

So, that’s my new Nikki doll! As I mentioned, I will try to do a better post in the future, I just wanted to get this “unboxing and first reactions” post done first because I am much too impatient!

Overall, I really like this doll, expect her arms a bit weird and zombie-like. If I had a spare body, I would definitely rebody her, but I only have one AA articulated body and that’s already being used. Perhaps I will be able to find her a new body in the meantime… We’ll see what happens, won’t we!



13 thoughts on “Barbie Fashionista #72 Overall Awesome 2018 Review

  1. Cool! I’ve seen her stock photos before but I didn’t realize the shirt was a separate piece. That seems to be quite rare these days. Mattel needs to improve quality of the fashions, the dolls’ articulation (even if it was just by using those bend and snap knees again), and reducing the amounts of hair gel. Maybe that would increase their sales.

    Funny you should mention Nikki from Dreamhouse Adventures, because for whatever reason I was looking through the Barbie Facebook page the other day, and I found Nikki’s profile! But it kinda confused me. It said that Nikki’s last name is Watkins whereas articles I’ve read claim that in one of the old Barbie storybooks her surname was revealed as O’Neill. I guess this means Mattel doesn’t consider the books canon? I don’t know what it means, honestly. Nikki also is now a fashion designer/artist. That fits with all the episodes I’ve watched, though. It just seems strange considering Nikki used to be portrayed as a DJ? But Daisy’s the DJ now. Mattel really loves to change things around!


    1. I remember they used to use a lot of hair gel in the older dolls too, back in the early 2000s, but you’re right, it has gotten a lot worse lately. RIP bend and snap knees lmao.

      Yeah, I saw Nikki’s profile too! I noticed the surname change as well. It’s funny that they’ve decided to make Nikki a designer now when Teresa used to be the “designer friend!” I hope they’ll make profiles for Renee and Daisy soon, I want to find out their last names!


      1. Yeah, Teresa used to be the one really into designing clothes. I think in Fashion Fairytale she mentioned it after Barbie decided to go see her Aunt Millicent. Then again, wasn’t she portrayed as a kind of a wild character too? I think in one movie she mentioned aliens hacking Ken’s brain or something.

        I guess only Mattel knows their own reasoning for changing Nikki’s interests. But I completely agree, it’s rather strange. Maybe they decided to change it to give her a fresh start for Dreamhouse Adventures? Barbie’s friends haven’t been seen frequently in the last few years. The vlogs primarily featured Harper and Ken, and I think the most recent time we’ve seen Teresa was in Spy Squad. I think she was in that one. I never saw it. But anyway, point is that was in 2016. So she’s coming back after about two years of not being featured in the animated series and movies. I can’t even remember the last time Nikki was featured in a movie. She was in one vlog, though.

        Mattel actually hasn’t released the surnames of most of Barbie’s friends. I believe Teresa’s was said to be Rivera, Nikki’s is now Watkins, and Midge’s last name was Hadley. I’m pretty sure Miko’s (from the 80s Island Fun line) surname was Morrison? I think it was released in an old Barbie book. I’m not 100% sure, though. But I think it’s strange that, besides these I’ve listed and the Generation Girls, none of Barbie’s friends have surnames.


      2. Ooh I hadn’t heard of Teresa’s surname before! Rivera is a Spanish name, and I’ve read that Teresa is meant to be from South America, so that makes sense. We also had the ‘Casa de Teresa’ from LitD, ‘casa’ meaning ‘house’ in Spanish (literally ‘the house of Teresa’).

        Which vlog was Nikki in? I want to watch it! I haven’t watched all the vlogs, I find them a bit boring -the challenges especially. Some of them are interesting though!

        Have you seen the house tour vlog? Does it have any spoilers from Dreamhouse Adventures? I just contacted Netflix today, and they said that they have “no current plans to bring Dreamhouse Adventures to the Australian version.” I was hoping that they would release it today, since it’s the 18th, but alas, I am dooommmeddd! (until somebody releases it online… 😈)

        Teresa was in Spy Squad, yup. She wasn’t the classic “ditzy friend” either, just a regular girl who didn’t speak that much. I probably wouldn’t bother watching Spy Squad, if I were you. It was …forgettable, at best.


    1. Ah that’s a good idea! At the moment she’s on a Fashionista, but more articulation would be lovely. Do you think the skateboarder has the same skintone as the soccer player? (just because I’d rather a skateboard over a soccer ball, lol)

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      1. I just had a look at the skateboarder next to Ms Awesome on the soccer body. The skin tones are close but not identical. But they aren’t so different that the skateboarder wouldn’t work. I hope this helps!


  2. Oh! She really is lovely – I can’t wait till someone gets her and gives her to charity, then I swoop in a take her home with me! Chance of that happening? Not really tbh.
    That shirt is soo cute! Maybe I’ll find a doll in an OP shop with it on? (I won’t)
    I agree her arms are a bit strange, but you’ll probably rebody her sooner or later.

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