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IKEA Furniture Set (Bookshelf & Couch Version) and Old Barbie Commericals

Hello everyone! It’s been a few days since I’ve gotten around to writing a post. I haven’t been feeling like writing up any photostories at the moment, but I do want to write another installation of the new short story series I’ve been working on. Hopefully that post will be published soon!

Anyway, the other day, I visited IKEA and I picked up one of the IKEA playsets for dolls. I first saw it on Flickr many years ago (maybe in 2015?), but all of the users who posted about it lived in Spain, so I assumed it was only available in Europe. But lo and behold! I discovered it here! So perhaps it is a worldwide product after all.

The whole set was $20, which I think is a reasonable price. The main items I wanted were the couch and the bookshelf -the others I don’t really care about.

Today, Jessica will be showing us the new furniture.

Hmm, this is cute, Jessica thinks. A bit colourful though!

The couch looks very nice. It is plastic, but it has a pink fabric over the top. I like this because it looks more “comfy” than regular Barbie couches. It looks more realistic, too!

The cushion is really weird! I think it was a bad decision (not to mention -the red definitely does not match the pink couch!). I really hate how you can’t cut the tag off all the way, it’s so glaringly obvious.

I will get rid of the cushion, I have much better Barbie cushions that I can use instead.

The bookshelf isn’t as tall as I would like -it just reaches Jessica’s stomach. However, it’s sturdy, and a nice white colour. This is definitely my #1 favourite item in the set, because it’s so realistic.

The chair and table are made out of thin plastic. I don’t really like either of these items -they seem a bit too “fake” and “cheap.” The chair also has a very weird design, it is too low to the ground and the seat is too long.

I will definitely get rid of the chair, but I might keep the table to use in a child’s bedroom or something. The fruit bowl came with the Happy Family Pool, I just added it in for decoration.

This striped piece of fabric is pretty cool; I think I have seen it on Instagram before. It can be used as either a rug or a blanket. The material is quite thick and good quality. It won’t take up much space, so I suppose I will keep it.

And that’s my IKEA furniture set! As I mentioned, I think it is well worth the $20 I spent because I really love the bookshelf and the couch.

I was watching through old Barbie advertisements recently,* and I came across this advertisement for the Barbie Dreamhouse in 2000. I thought the ‘talking dolls on the shelf’ was really creative. It’s interesting how none of the dolls were wearing the generic pink, stylish clothing, and how they were wearing colourful, everyday pieces instead. (Although I guess the house was pretty pink!)

Does this suggest that Barbie being “all pink and girly” is a recent development that occurred between 2000-present? (If so -why did they change? Weren’t Barbie sales excellent in the late 90s / early 2000s?) Or was it just this particular ad that doesn’t have much generic girliness?

This video has two advertisements in one. The first ad is terrible! Motionless dolls with videos taken from cheerleading films. But the second one… Oh, the second one is very funny!

Barbie: “How’s my lipgloss?”

Friend Whose Name I Don’t Know: “Girl, you’re so hot, you need oven mits!”

Hahaha. That actually made me laugh. It’s funny because they’re being sassy in an official Barbie commercial, which is just so completely different from the whole “BE YOURSELF! FRIENDS ARE MAGIC! YOU ARE A STAR!” thing of more recent years. I imagine if Mattel aired this commercial today, there would be a lot of angry parents complaining… 😂😂

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 4.01.39 pm.png

Oh. We also had this, ahem, gem.

*Gosh, is this how I spend my free time? Reading Mattel Annual Reports and rewatching old commercials? Good grief.

What is your favourite old Barbie commercial? Some of my favourites are the Fashion Fever ones! 

7 thoughts on “IKEA Furniture Set (Bookshelf & Couch Version) and Old Barbie Commericals

  1. I’ve never seen the Ikea furniture set before! We have Ikea stores here, but I think the nearest one is about an hour away. That’s why I’ve never been to one, Lol!

    I’ve seen the first, quite awful cheerleader ad- I guess it was supposed to show the dolls’ flexibility? It was still horrible. I’ve, oddly enough, never seen the second cheerleader ad, though.

    I’ve watched the old Dreamhouse commercial before. I noticed that they had a bedroom for Barbie’s baby sister Krissy. That seems a bit weird to me, since they ultimately retired her a few years later. I don’t know what all goes into doll retirement, but it must take quite a while to go through with the whole process.

    Also, I’m sure in the minority here, but I would personally prefer to see Mattel release a less-pink house. They could a white kitchen, blue bathroom, and only have pink in Barbie and her sisters’ bedroom. That probably wouldn’t sell as well, though, since most little girly-girls would prefer an all-pink one. it would be nice if they’d at least try it once, though.


    1. Yes definitely! I would looovee a non-pink dollhouse -the Hello Barbie Dreamhouse was definitely a step in the right direction, with it’s white walls, but the 2018 Dreamhouse was pretty pink :/

      I think it’s funny how in many Dreamhouses, Barbie’s sisters don’t get a room at all, so it’s nice they thought of Krissy this one time (…before they, er, pretended she didn’t exist anymore). 😂


  2. I have both Ikea furniture sets – the living room and the bedroom. I ended up not using the living room as much as I thought, but the bedroom set made it into one of my main stories. Best feature of the bedroom set is that you can extend the bed to be full size for a Barbie doll.


    1. Ooh that’s so cool! It was a tough decision between the two, both have pieces that are quite useful. It would be good if they came out with other variations though -a nice wood dining table would be a welcome change from plastic pink ones!


  3. I’ve seen both those sets in IKEA… I really wanted to buy them, but when I saw the price! For me, that is an awful lot of money.
    Yes, that chair is definitely IKEA-style! I’ve seen the life-sized chair – it is really strange to sit on!


    1. Yes, it is a lot of money! I try to only spend $20 per week on “fun things,” like takeaway and clothes, so it was my whole budget for the week. :/

      I wouldn’t like to sit on a chair like that! I prefer things to be a bit higher up haha.

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