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Fun in the Sun // Barbie Cali Girl is (Almost) Complete!

In March 2017, I wrote this post here, featuring my Barbie Cali Girl doll, Happy Family pool, and Barbie Style Resort Grace doll. I mentioned that Barbie Cali Girl was one of my favourite dolls, but I didn’t have the shorts anymore because they got eaten by the vacuum cleaner. But lo and behold! I have found the shorts!

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when I was visiting my local flea market. I stumbled across the ever-so-popular Barbie Cali Girl, in a pile of other, (mostly undressed) dolls with messy hair. I’ve seen this doll many times before -often with her hair cut off, no clothes, and texta scribbled all over her face. I often see this doll on eBay, too -they must have sold thousands and thousands of her!

However! This doll was included the bikini top and shorts! I explained to the seller that I only wanted the shorts, and she sold them to me for $2. I’ve asked for only a certain item of clothing from the market before, and usually I’m told that I have to buy the whole doll or nothing -so this was a nice surprise!

I decided to take Cali Girl Barbie (who I’ve named Bianca), Emily and Ryan outside to do a nice photoshoot. It was eight degrees when I took these photos, so I felt a bit funny dressing the dolls in swimwear!

I really love how this particular doll, even though she’s “Barbie,” has such a pretty swim costume -without it being too pink or girly. It’s really cool, and totally different from the standard bikinis you often see. It makes me think of an adventurous girl from California, who spends her days riding her bike in the mountains, or hiking, or doing some other fun outdoor activity.

The Barbie Cali Girl series is definitely one of my favourites -I love how all the dolls have such detailed clothing and accessories. I like how they produced different sets so the dolls could do a bunch of different activities,  like visit the earring shop, go horse-riding, take a ride in the car, or stay at the hotel. It made the series feel more “complete.”

Here are Ryan, Bianca and Emily all together. I haven’t really featured Emily or Ryan since the demise of the Aquifolia High series, but don’t worry -Ryan and Emily’s relationship is still going strong! There are no problems between them at the moment.

And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed revisiting this doll, she’s definitely one of my favourites and I want to feature her more in the future! I hope that I can eventually find more Cali Girl dolls to improve my collection.

PS: In the title, I said she was ‘almost’ complete. While I do have the jacket, shorts, bikini top and hat, I’m actually missing the sunglasses! Although the original doll does have brown sunglasses similar to the one I used for this photoshoot, they are not the exact same. Shh!

7 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun // Barbie Cali Girl is (Almost) Complete!

  1. Oh, that is so lucky! I’m sure you will find those glasses one day! Anything is possible! Even Barbie agrees with that 🙂


  2. Oh, she’s such a beautiful doll and more unique than most of what Mattel offers currently. I think this line came out in 2004, right? I would have only been two years old or so, and I obviously don’t remember when the dolls were offered in stores.

    Isn’t this the line where Barbie dated Blaine? I don’t know if their relationship lasted much past this. I wanna say he was only around for the Cali Girl line, nut I’m not 100% certain.

    I wish Mattel would do a line similar to this and the Generation Girl line. in those lines, Barbie had a fair selection of both older and her newer friends, and they had a good selection of sets available. They could do a new line and feature Summer. Midge, Nikki, Teresa, and Lea. Those girls haven’t been featured in years.

    Oh, and, it was only eight degrees!? That sounds miserably freezing! The coldest it’s ever gotten around here would be like twenty, which, granted, is still cold, but not that cold!

    Oh, and, I hope you’ll find those glasses someday. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find them on a totally random doll at the flea market, ask if you can just get the glasses, and buy them! After all, you never know what you’ll find at the markets!


    1. Absolutely! It’s amazing what kind of stuff you can find when you look into the piles of mess 😛 Yeah, you’re right about the Blaine thing, but I think it was more around 2005-2007? I can’t remember 100%, and it’s hard to find information on older series.

      I looovee the Generation Girl line! I didn’t actually own any of the dolls, but I like rewatching the commercials and looking at pictures lol. Same with the Mystery Squad dolls. You’re right -older doll lines were much more creative! What do we have nowadays -just the Fashionista line, Careers and Skipper Babysitter, really. Not much!

      (20 degrees is still pretty darn cold though, definitely scarf-and-thick-socks weather!)


      1. I don’t own any Generation Girl dolls either, but I’ve watched the commercials on YouTube, just like you have. I really like how fleshed out the girls’ personalities were in that line. They all had certain interests which were expanded upon in the book series. I’ve never read any of them, but I checked a while back and they sell them on Amazon.

        It doesn’t usually get to 20 degrees, though. Even when it’s snowing outside, it’s usually thirty or thereabouts, which is still cold. Around here in the winter, you’ve definitely gotta bundle up in a heavy coat! Oh, and socks. Although I’ve grown a little used to the cold, so while it’s pretty bad, it’s not terrible, usually. You’ve just got to stay inside where it’s warm! Lol!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. …Wait I was talking in Celsius lmaooo. 20 Celsius = 68, and 8 Celsius = 46.

        It got to 30 Fahrenheit a few days ago and I just about died. The wind was the worst!


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