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Poor Ms Honey and New Stacie Doll at Kmart // July 2018

Hello everyone! How has your day been?? Today I was supposed to be productive, but I was ill so I spent most of the day sleeping. Oops! I did manage to quickly go to Kmart though, and I stopped by the pink aisle to have a look at the new Barbie products.

Seeing this product was probably the biggest surprise for me! I haven’t been keeping up with the latest Barbie rumours and promotional images, so I hadn’t seen this playset online before. But look how cute it is! $25 is a good deal for both a Stacie doll and a horse!

I personally don’t have room for another horse, but this playset is really cool and I would definitely pick it up if I had the space. I only wish that the saddle was removable, and it came with other accessories to make it more realistic. The helmet is a nice touch though!

Over here, I saw the new Skipper Babysitters Inc doll! I haven’t seen this girl IRL before, and honestly, if I saw her six months ago, I would have grabbed her straight away! But now the hype over these dolls has died down, and I feel like I wouldn’t actually use this doll that much.

I mean, I haven’t even used my other Skipper Babysitters dolls yet, have I?

Coming over to the left, we have the new Fashionistas! I haven’t seen any Fashionista dolls in store for awhile, I think they have stopped selling them at Target and Big W, so Kmart is really my only option.

Anyway! I have seen the Man Bun Ken many times before, and I’m not really interested in him, but the new girl (with the pigtails) really caught my attention! She’s such a cutie, and I love her bright pink dress! Unfortunately again, I don’t really have room for another doll -especially an unarticulated one! She is nice though.

On the end of the shelf, we have the new AA Club Chelsea boy. He has such a nice face! I regret not picking this boy up -he may be useful in future photostories. I think the Club Chelsea dolls were $9, so not a bad price. Maybe next time!

Over here, we have the Made to Move Gymnast, Soccer Player and Careers Teacher doll. It’s frustrating -the Made to Move dolls have been $19 for the last two years! I just want the soccer player doll, for goodness sake! I am starting to feel like the price will never go down.

I remember when the first wave of MTM dolls was released, and they were $27 each. I bought so many at that price, and of course I regretted it later when they all went on clearance. So I suppose it could be worse!

I was about to leave the store when I decided to check behind the AA Skipper Babysitters Inc Doll. Usually they just have the same doll repeated all the way down the shelf (or just one at the front, to make it look more stocked than it actually is), but I found another new girl as well!

This one is again really cute, I think her face is really sweet and it’s awesome that Skipper has such a variety of friends. But again, I shouldn’t buy so many dolls! I don’t need another one.

It would be nice if they gave the Babysitter dolls names and personalities -it would be cool if it said something on the back like ‘Hi! I’m Anne! I love sports! I’m a soccer coach to elementary school children!’ Just a simple biography, y’know?

I had a quick look behind the Man Bun Ken and spotted yet another new Fashionista! I saw the promotional images for this guy ages ago (I think he was released in 2017), but I have never seen him in real life. I like his outfit! It’s nice to see something a bit different. I’m sure my other Ken dolls would appreciate it if I bought this doll; if only so they could borrow his clothes!

However, his face seems a bit “angry” and his hair is plastic and YUCK. I am definitely not a fan of moulded hair! Why, oh why, can’t we have nice Ken dolls like the ones that are shown on the @BarbieStyle Instagram account?

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.47.59 pm.png

I’d also like that jacket. And that table. Actually -everything in this photo please.

Expect for Ms Honey. Look at those eyes! I’m not sure what is going on with that poor dog -perhaps she’s sick of being dragged around with Barbie all day? Haha.




8 thoughts on “Poor Ms Honey and New Stacie Doll at Kmart // July 2018

  1. Interesting. I’ve seen all the promotional images for pretty much all of these, but I haven’t seen them in person. I wouldn’t get any of them because, honestly, I can do without the non-articulated dolls. At least they could have the old style bend-and-snap knees, or something to make them functional.

    I, too, wish the Skipper Babysitters dolls had a little bio on the backs of their boxes which laid out their interests, personalities, names, maybe even a little paragraph about their families. I think the reason Mattel has not already given them personalities is because they want to leave that up to the children playing with them. That logic doesn’t completely make sense, though, because Barbie and her sisters all have well-defined personalities.

    Anyway, I’m sorry you’re sick! Hopefully you’re feeling a lot better now. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I am, thank goodness! Whenever I’m sick, I feel I can’t do anything but sleep all day long. Anything else is too exhausting!

      Your theory definitely makes sense, I imagine that’s why they stopped with the defined personalities of the Fashionista dolls (Sassy, Sweetie, Glam, etc.)

      It’s funny, I was going through my dolls the other day and I realised I actually have sooo many Made to Move dolls. (I must have spent well over $200 just on MTM bodies…) But really, dolls without MTM bodies are just useless. They can’t even sit down without falling off the chair!


  2. Oh, I hope you get better soon! Being sick is boringggg (unless you go shopping (or just looking) for Barbie).
    That Stacy doll and horse set looks very nice – if it shows up in any OP shop for $5, I’ll get it!
    That Skipper Babysitters doll is quite cute! I agree that the dolls should have personality/bio – I would think it is cute and be more prone to buying it (for myself or someone else).
    The M2M doll situation is frustrating – we need those prices to go down!!
    I LOVE that Fashionista with the pig tails – I actually only see Fashionistas at Target, only 3 and Kmart. I was tempted to buy her – she was on sale but I decided against it.
    I usually look behind the dolls – almost every time there is a different doll there. Some days I stand there for almost half an hour just looking at every doll there is. Sometimes the best dolls get pushed to the back :(:
    Well, I am very sorry for boring you with this extra long comment, but your shopping trip was VERY interesting!!


    1. Sometimes it’s good that the best dolls get pushed to the back -that means that nobody else will buy them before I get to the shop! I hate it when I’m planning on buying something but then somebody else gets it before I do.

      I am finally recovered from my sickness! (well, it was only a few days, but it felt like forever). I’m glad I can talk properly again lmao.

      I kinda want the Fashionista with the pigtails now. I can’t decideee… I don’t really have room for her, but she IS really pretty…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True. It is quite annoying when someone else gets it before you.

        That’s great to hear 🙂

        Now that I think of it I should have gotten her too… why is it such a hard choice?????????

        Liked by 1 person

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