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Fun Find: Coles Mini Shop Collectibles

Hi everyone! If you were hoping for an exciting post today, you’re not in luck! Today’s post will be all about the Coles Little Shop Mini Collectibles. You get these if you spend over $30 in one transaction at Coles. I’ve collected quite a few so far, and they’re just perfect for Barbie dioramas!

For today’s post, we have Briar Beauty, Rosabella Beauty and Ashlyn Ella from Ever After High. Honestly, I’ve been trying to sell these girls for some time now, but the problem is that I paid $25-$30 each, and buyers will never pay even half that much!

It makes me feel sad that dolls become practically worthless in such little time! I doubt I will be able to get more than $2 or $3 each, which really frustrates me because they are so detailed and so beautiful! I think they are worth much more.

Anyway, these are mini collectibles I have so far.

Tim Tam biscuits! I really do like Tim Tams, but they’re quite expensive so I normally go for something else instead. I feel like this packet is a good size for dolls.

I’m not a fan of this shoe polish -it looks much too big for Ashlyn Ella!

I think I will customise it to make something else; perhaps a single stove burner? It might look good on a countertop.

These bananas seem a little plastic and “fake.” I will probably just get rid of these.

This instant coffee is my favourite! It’s the perfect size and it’s so realistic -it actually looks like real coffee! I’m very happy to have this one.

This can of tuna is a little big. I’m not sure what to do with it! I’ll probably end up selling this one as well.

I also got some other items -the Vanish Gold (laundry detergent) is a fun item, I’ll definitely be keeping that one. Perhaps I’ll make a laundry room someday! I like the Sunbites (crackers) and Potato Gems (frozen potato pieces), they’ll be good as realistic food items for kitchens.

I like the Huggies Nappies as well, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t often use children in my photostories!

Speaking of children, I actually had a dream last night where I went to the department store and looked around at all the Barbie items. They had a fantastic selection! There was lots of child Barbie dolls -some Stacie’s age, some Chelsea’s age- with outfits made from real fabric! I really wish they had things like that in real life! The selection is just so disapointing nowadays.

Proper photostory coming soon!*

*Okay, not really. I haven’t planned anything yet. But I will! Sometime. Soon-ish.

5 thoughts on “Fun Find: Coles Mini Shop Collectibles

  1. Those little miniatures are pretty cute, Holly! You’re right, some are a bit too big, but I’m sure you could easily sell them. The Ever After High dolls are very pretty, too, although I’ve never personally been interested in them.

    That dream sounds absolutely amazing! And it’s not crazy, like practically all my dreams are! I usually dream about going to places that don’t actually exist with people I know. Like, this one night I dreamed my dad and I went to some free shoe event where you got a free pair of shoes if you traded in a pair. Pretty crazy, huh? Honestly, I’ve actually had dreams even weirder than that!

    But, anyway, I really do wish that your dream could be reality. I’ve often wondered just how proud of the Barbie brand Ruth Handler would be if she was still alive. Mattel needs to begin using better quality materials on both the dolls and their clothes/accessories. I think they should also start manufacturing Midge, Teresa, and the other more prominent friends of Barbie again. A few friends for Stacie would also be a plus.


    1. Yeah, I’m thinking of selling the too-big items in a bundle with some other doll stuff. Got to declutter! I have too many things haha.

      I always thought the same about EAH -they’re pretty, but I never had any interest in collecting them. Until I bought one on a whim. And then two more. But honestly? They just sit in my cupboard all the time.

      The current Barbie lineup really makes me feel uninspired. I remember a few years ago, everyone was so excited about the Barbie Style range because there were so many accessories and good quality fashions. And then came Made to Move dolls and everyone got all excited again. And now? There really hasn’t been much that’s something ~special~ and new.


  2. Reading this post, I realized that some are Barbie-sized! I hadn’t asked my parents to get them fromt he start, but we did get some today. I really want that coffee one 🙂 If you ever get the Milo one, it is wayyyyy too big for Barbie.

    I agree with you about the EAH dolls – I see them and say ‘ohhhhh, pretty…’ then spot Barbie and say ‘BARBIEEEE!!!!!’. I mean, I like them but I don’t have a really big interest in them. Maybe keep them for years till they are vintage? They would might be able to sell the for a good price – it’ll take a while though!

    Ahhhh, that was a wonderful dream you had! I wish it will come true SOON! I once had a dream that I turned into Barbie, and went up to some lady and told her what Mattel should change, and she did it, but stuffed me into a box along with the rest. And then you managed to buy me in Barbie form XD


    1. Lmao that’s so crazy 😂😂

      Yeah, the coffee one is definitely my favourite, it’s the most realistically sized. I absolutely love Milo so it’s a shame it’s not doll-sized :/ I’ll have to make my own version!

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