Lunch with Janessa // Just Add Chloe

Knock knock.

Janessa waits outside Chloe’s door, but there’s no answer. She knocks again.

Still nothing.

Janessa is perplexed. Chloe never misses a lunch meeting! Is something wrong? She notices the door is unlocked and walks inside.

To her surprise, Janessa discovers Chloe sleeping on the kitchen table! “Chloe! Are you alright?! What on earth happened…?”

Chloe wakes up. “Ow… I must have fallen asleep on the table… Is it time for lunch already?”

Janessa looks around on the table -Chloe has been writing in Spanish! She doesn’t even speak Spanish!

“Chloe, what’s going on? Why is all this writing in Spanish?” Janessa is terribly confused.

“Jacob needs help with his homework,” Chloe explains. “He’s asked me to write Spanish flashcards for him. We’re going to practise tonight, after school. And then I need to cook dinner, and pick up a package from the post office, and go to a meeting, and finish this article…”

Chloe is getting sleepy just thinking about everything she has to do!

“Chloe, are you okay?” Janessa asks. “I’m really worried about you. You don’t seem like yourself!”

Chloe isn’t even listening to what Janessa is saying.

“Janessa, do you think I’d be a good mom?”

“What are you talking about? Are you pregnant?”

“Goodness no!” Chloe says. “I was just talking to Midge the other day, and she said that Steven and I will probably get married soon… I do like Grace, Tamika and Jacob, but I don’t know if I can actually look after them forever. It’s such a big responsibility!”

“Don’t worry, Chloe, you’ll work it out.” Janessa says. She thinks she’s being helpful, but she’s really not. “You always do!”

“Yeah. Right.” The two are silent for a moment. “Janessa, I’m sorry, but can we do lunch another time? I have to start making pasta for tonight. Steven is working late.”


Unrelated, but I just realised that Janessa has only ever worn two outfits. 

Looks like more curvy clothes is in order!


3 thoughts on “Lunch with Janessa // Just Add Chloe

  1. Oh, poor Chloe! That’s sounds really time consuming and tiring! I’d probably be falling asleep on the table too. At least Janessa is trying to be reassuring to Chloe. : )

    Anyway, Holly, I’ve been considering starting my own blog. I asked my dad about it and he’s okay with it. I’m just concerned about a couple of things. I would probably want to post some of my Barbie stories, but I’m a little concerned about what people’s reactions might be. I guess that a long as I do my best it will be fine.

    I’m assuming you still haven’t received Barbie: Dreamhouse Adventures to Netflix yet. It’s been a while since it released, so hopefully you’ll be able to watch it soon. If it were up to me, all the countries would get such material the same day or the day after. Obviously, it’s not up to me, though. That would make it much more fair for everybody.


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