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Barbie Curvy Fashionista #105 Review (2019)

Hi again, it’s me. I bought another doll. I didn’t need her at all, but I don’t have any self control, apparently.

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Reasons Why I Don’t Need This Doll:

  • I’m trying to save money
  • I don’t have enough storage space
  • I already have a lot of other dolls whose storylines I still need to develop
  • I don’t have any articulated body to put her on
  • Her hair will probably get messy in the drawer anyway
  • She won’t be able to wear the curvy dress when I put her on an articulated body

Reasons Why I Wanted Her:

  • She’s really pretty and I love her hair.

I was going to buy her off Amazon, but she was $17 plus shipping so I thought I would wait until the price went down. I ended up finding her for $12 at Target instead, so I just bought her in-store. Easy!

I don’t like the new packaging at all. I think it looks so childish! They had quite a nice design before 😦 So that’s a shame -at least the black ‘Fashionistas’ part is the same. It feels like an ode* to the older dolls in the line.

I don’t think they have names anymore (like Plaid on Plaid or Rainbow Bright), which makes the Fashionistas a bit hard to identify, especially when you’re talking about them on Instagram or something. This one is simply called “Fashionista Curvy #105.”

*I don’t think I used that word correctly, but I’m sure you know what I mean!

Her hair was a bit messy when I first unboxed her.

It was a bit messy at the back as well.

She wears plain white trainers. They fit curvy and modern Skipper dolls.

I think her dress is very stylish! I would have liked it if she came with a gold bangle or something; modern Fashionistas don’t come with much jewellery, do they? I can’t remember the last time I bought a doll with at least a necklace.


Here’s her face up close. I love the pale lip colour and the striking eyebrows! Her features are really fierce, it’s one of the reasons why I first wanted to buy her.

And well, that’s Fashionista #105! I haven’t named her yet, but I think I will make her an older character. She doesn’t look like she belongs in high school, does she? I don’t think I will introduce her to the others until I can find her the right articulated body -as much as I like curvy dolls, I prefer them to be articulated! Sitting down is a must, lol.


10 thoughts on “Barbie Curvy Fashionista #105 Review (2019)

  1. She’s absolutely beautiful! I haven’t seen her before, not even online, though I haven’t really been paying much attention lately. I’m guessing she probably released pretty recently? To be honest, I don’t even know what most of the new Fashionistas look like.

    I totally understand what you said about control! That used to be a major problem for me, as well, but thankfully I was able to downsize. I stopped getting Fashionstas altogether, because they aren’t articulated and I don’t care to get another doll just for the body. It’s kind of a hassle, you know what I mean?

    Anyway, I was wondering if you’ve seen the new line of Stacie and friends dolls. I saw them on My Froggy Stuff a few days ago. There’s a gymnast Stacie, soccer Stacie, and three friend dolls. One of her friends is a dark-haired boy, and the other two are girls. I think the line is called “Team Stacie”. You could probably find pictures on the Internet.

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    1. Ah yes, I was actually going to make a post about them! (And the other new stuff coming in 2019 as well) But then I couldn’t be bothered haha. It’s very exciting! The official Barbie account on Instagram hinted about them a while ago, so it’s great that they’re finally producing something fans have been asking for for a long time.

      I didn’t realise Froggy had made a video about them so soon -damn, did she get early access or are they in stores already? I don’t keep up with their channel nowadays.


    1. I’m not sure, I haven’t been keeping up with the latest mtm releases. But if they haven’t made one yet, hopefully we’ll get a nice match soon… Right? I really want to give her articulation as well!


  2. Oh, she looks lovely! I’ve seen her SO many times, and always I drag myself away without her. And without any other dolls *sigh*.
    The hair looks even messier than I thought it would! I suppose it doesn’t look as bad as it would on other dolls after it is styled a little, though, since afro hair like hers is wild anyway?
    I agree with the jewelry-less-fashonista (?) thing. That would be SO COOL. It would match with lots of outfits… I think the problem is little kids would loose them, or even ingest them. I was about 5 when I got a Barbie with a wardrobe full clothes, and it had a really nice necklace. I was always very careful so it doesn’t get lost, but somehow it disappeared soon afterwards anyway 😦 I suppose Mattel thinks it is safer not to get complaints of children in A&E. And how many people who will be careful with small items? Unfortunately not enough 😦 (I blame untrue Barbie stereotypes for that)
    I hope you find a MTM body for her – it would have so much potential! Maybe the soccer player with dark skin might work? Or the basketball player?
    I’m not sure if this is happening in your area too, but MTM doll prices have gone down in Kmart! Okay, I get that $1 isn’t too much, but it’s a start, right?! Also, there are NEW MADE TO MOVE DOLLS!!! According to a blog post I read, I understood it that the Basketball player only came out this year? Or late last year? Either way, Kmart had her for only $19! And the Baseball player, too. And the Hip-hop dancer, gymnast and blonde soccer player. Sooo… yeah. I just had to tell someone that this is going on XD


    1. Ohh I didn’t even think about that! But you’re right, children losing and swallowing the jewellery is probably what they are concerned about. I completely forgot that could be a problem haha.

      I think the soccer player might be a bit light, but I’m going to see if I can find her anyway! I have another doll that can use the body if she doesn’t match this one. I think I’ll go to Kmart today to have a look! I’m glad the prices have finally gone down.


  3. Love her face and that is why I purchased her. But I don’t like her outfit. I replaced her body with an articulated slimmer size so that I can interchange her outfits. She is now one of my absolute favourites. A real stunner

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    1. I love her face too! I haven’t been able to find an articulated doll with the right skintone yet, but fingers crossed I will find one on eBay soon!


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