“The Fashionistas” Photoshoot // Barbie’s 60th Anniversary Post

It’s March 9th, which means it’s officially Barbie’s 60th anniversary today! I thought I might as well post something to mark the occasion -even if it isn’t directly related to the topic.

Here we have my Fashionista dolls all together! I have some others, but they are from 2012 or so, and I feel they don’t really fit together with the modern  group of Fashionistas.

I also have another petite doll, but I couldn’t find her original dress anywhere, I must have sold it.

Here are Chloe and Jessica. I tried to dress the girls in their original outfits but I couldn’t find some of the pieces.

Here’s Nikki. She’s such a pretty doll, I really need to fix up her hair though!

Here’s Chloe again. Even though this dress is meant for a curvy doll, I think it still looks fine (albeit a little baggy) on an Original MTM type of body.

Chloe and Nikki together.

Jessica next! I really do love this doll, her eyebrows are so strikingly beautiful.

I decided to save this photo for last because it’s my absolute favourite from this set. I haven’t named this doll yet; I want to wait until all the other characters are properly “settled in” to introduce her.


So, that’s my photoshoot! Happy 60th, Barbie. ♡


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