Top 5 Ultimate Barbie Doll Wishlist Series’

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to write about my Ultimate Barbie Wishlist -basically, series which I really like and I would like to collect more of! These list goes in order from ‘I want these’ to ‘I REALLY DESPERATELY want these.’

Image result for barbie generation girl flickr

5.  Generation Girls

(image via Galaxy @ Mharena on Flickr)

Generation Girls was an early-2000s line that I thought was really cool! I love how the dolls all look really unique and have very different outfits. Their faces are super cool as well! I think these dolls are really iconic, and definitely an important series in Barbie history.

Image result for barbie cali girl flickr

4.) Barbie Cali Girl

(image via ColeKenTurner on Flickr)

I’m a real sucker for mid-2000s dolls, and the Cali Girl series is no exception! This line focuses on Barbie and her friends, mostly doing beach-related things, but also doing some horse-riding (shown above). There was also an ear-pricing playset, and even a hotel! I really love the detail in the clothing and the accessories, plus the doll’s faces and hairs are super cool.

I have the Cali Girl Barbie that basically everyone in the whole world has -it’s super popular, I see it all over eBay and even IRL at markets, too. I hope I can find the others one day! (Well, I did see Ken’s head once, but just his head! No body!)

3.) Barbie Fashion Fever

(image via Peon Pedrise on Flickr)

I’ll admit that some of the Fashion Fever dolls got a bit repetitive (so many blondes!), but some of the Fashion Fever dolls are real gems! I love the Leas, Kaylas and Drews in particular, because I think they have really expressive and beautiful faces. My three Fashion Fever dolls are some of my absolute favourite dolls in my collection.

I also love how their outfits were really detailed and beautiful. Again, my Fashion Fever clothing pieces are some of the best in my collection because they’re really well-made.

Related image

2.) Barbie Style

(unfortunately I can’t find the owner of this image, as I think the original has been deleted somehow?)

Y’ALL. I really wanted the Barbie Style range when it first came out, and I kept waiting for it to arrive in Australian stores, but it just literally… never… arrived!* Like, detailed fashions, articulated bodies and lots of accessories? I really wanted these, and I hope I can still get them someday!

*Okay, well, MAYBE the “Barbie Style Resort” and “Barbie Style Glam Night” arrived (and yes, I bought both collections), but the ones I really wanted was the first and second series.

Image result for barbie so in style flickr

1.) So In Style

(I couldn’t find the original owner of this image, it came from the site that the above photo came from and none of the links work, so I think it’s deleted)

This is another line that never left the United States. (I think I have a serious FOMO problem because I complain so much about this!) BUT I REALLY WANTED THEM! Particularly, the Marisa doll, but all of them were so cool! I loved their outfits because they looked really well-made, and their faces were so expressive.

Plus, it’s difficult to find AA dolls, and if you do find one, it is usually a generic one that isn’t interesting or unique. So that’s why this series is at the very top of my list!

What about you? What are your top 5 wishlist doll series??

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Ultimate Barbie Doll Wishlist Series’

  1. You have excellent taste in Barbies, Holly! Every single one I was like, “Yep, me too…” Really gorgeous, unique picks. It’s summertime, so I am back in the Barbie game. Glad to see you are still posting and still playing! Have a great weekend 🙂


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