Hi! It’s me, Holly! I’m totally obsessed with Barbies (and I guess you are too, since you’re here!) and I love to share my collection with like-minded folks through my blog. I’m interested in both Barbie dolls and movies, so you’ll find both doll reviews and movie reviews here, as well as other random, Barbie-related stuff.

If you’re having trouble navigating my blog, or aren’t sure where to start, the header above should help! If you click on ‘my collection.’ you’ll see a list of every doll or playset I’ve ever showcased on the blog.


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If you have a Barbie blog -please let me know! I LOVE reading about other people’s collections, but it’s really difficult to find other blogs when everyone is so spread out across different sites. I’ll also be sure to add you to the list below.

If you would like to use any of my images please provide a link back to my site! (Yes, this includes YouTube thumbnails…)

Sometimes I use images sourced from the Internet to further support my posts! If I have used somebody else’s media, it will be referenced 🙂 


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