Relics of a Bygone Era -Planet Fashion, Issue #1

Hello, hello! The #1 fashion magazine in my dolly world is called Planet Fashion, and today, for the very first time, I have prepared a real issue for you!* *Okay, not really! I just did a photoshoot and wanted a creative way to display the pictures. You can view the shoot in PDF form here. Also, FYI,… Continue reading Relics of a Bygone Era -Planet Fashion, Issue #1


Fashion Challenge #5 -Back to School Fashion Pack

Back in August of 2017, I did a photoshoot starring my then-new Barbie School Fashion Pack. Today, I decided to rework three items from that shoot to create three totally different looks! The first look is “sweet-girl-next-door,” and the model, of course, is Princess Aimee. I like this shirt because the transparent straps are very… Continue reading Fashion Challenge #5 -Back to School Fashion Pack


Fashion Challenge #4 -Sparkly Blue Shirt

I originally planned this to be ‘Imogen’s last photoshoot’ because I haven’t used Imogen very much lately, and her hair is always flying in front of her face. After this shoot, I have decided to keep her a little longer, because she does actually look pretty cute! For this fashion challenge, I will be styling… Continue reading Fashion Challenge #4 -Sparkly Blue Shirt

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A Summer Photoshoot + Some Blog Changes

If you don’t want to read about changes coming to the blog, just scroll down for the photoshoot! Okay, so I’ve been obsessing over my stats a lot lately. Looking over the most popular tags, reading articles about improving traffic, fixing up the navigation, etc. For the last week or so, I’ve spent at least an hour… Continue reading A Summer Photoshoot + Some Blog Changes


Fashion Challenge #3 -Bubblegum Pink Legwarmers

These shoes were second-hand. They’re really pretty, but I don’t use them very often. Where do you wear neon pink high-heeled legwarmers? How do you style them? To answer these questions, I’ve set myself a challenge. A Fashion Challenge! Today’s challenge is to style these high heeled legwarmer shoes into three different outfits. Here’s the… Continue reading Fashion Challenge #3 -Bubblegum Pink Legwarmers


All the Colours of the Rainbow

To celebrate Australia *finally* legalising same-sex marriage, I have prepared this rainbow photoshoot! Well, it’s kind of rainbow, as I was sorting through my clothes, I began to realise I didn’t have as many colours as I thought… Our first colour is BLUE, and it’s Neko! She’s wearing a dainty flower crown, from 2015 Purple Fairy doll,… Continue reading All the Colours of the Rainbow