Think of these posts of ‘featured articles.’ Here, I talk about the history of Barbie and friends, share my advice for other Barbie collectors and other things. Get reading! xx


Doll Collector Things

Getting Started as a Doll Collector

Saving Money as a Doll Collector

Improving Your Doll Photography

Why You Don’t Need the Latest Products

Getting Involved in the Barbie Fandom

Can Collectors Be Minimalists? What I Learnt From Reducing My Doll Collection

Can Barbie Save Mattel From Losing Billions? Probably Not -Here’s Why.

Some Interesting Statements from the 2017 Mattel Annual Review

How to Store Your Doll Shoes


Doll Collector Things -Social Media

Starting a Doll Collector Blog

How to Be Successful on Dollstagram (Doll Instagram)

Three Popular Barbie Social Media Accounts

Three MORE Popular Barbie Social Media Accounts [Part 2]

Why Was YouTube’s Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse Cancelled? 


History of Barbie & Friends

 Barbie in the 21st Century

An EXTREME Guide to Barbie’s Modern-Day Friends

Guide to Raquelle

Guide to Skipper Roberts (focusing on 2010-2018)

Evolution of the Fashionista Line (2009-2017)

We Believe in Girls



2017 Wishlist

2017 Wishlist (revised)

2018 Wishlist



Rock n Royals Character Anyalsis

How to Host a Mermaid Party

My Experience with Barbie