For a ranked list of all the Barbie movies and a short review of each, click here. Please note this list was created many years ago and does not include movies past Rock ‘n Royals.


My First Barbie Film

I love Barbie films. The first film I ever watched was Barbie in the Nutcracker, and I absolutely loved it. I watched it over and over again! From there, everytime I went to the shops I would beg my mother to buy me another film. “Look! I don’t have this one!” “I’ve never seen this one before! Pleeassee!” I was a very needy child, okay?

Reviews (in order of film release date)


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Spinning into Obsession 

As I got older, I started to get more and more interested in Barbie films. Funny -it normally works the other way! I started counting down the days until a film released, and would go and buy it the day it came out. I would look up spoilers for future movies and would create these very strange-looking desktop backgrounds which were just a collage of screenshots from the film.

Nowadays, I don’t really have time to maintain this type of activity. I still check Barbie Movies Wiki every few weeks, to see if there’s any more information about an upcoming movie, but I don’t pride myself on knowing every single tiny detail, like I did before.


Dreamhouse Adventures

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Life in the Dreamhouse

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Puppy Adventure Stacie Doll

12DP Edeline

12DP Genevieve, Hadley, Isla & Swan Lake Fairy Queen

Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls Review

Improving the Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls

Diamond Castle Alexa Feature Doll

Anneliese and Erika 2004 Feature Dolls

Fairytopia Dandelion and Azura Dolls

Princess Charm School Delancy Graduation Doll

Princess Charm School Delancy Schoolgirl Doll

Pony Tale Max and Marie Dolls


Old Films vs New Films

There’s a lot of debate about the quality of Barbie films lately, with a large number of fans saying they just aren’t ‘what they used to be.’ Personally, I disagree with this -I just think the target audience is changing, and thus the techniques used to sell the film are changing. For example, instead of the instrumental music you’d find in earlier films (such as Fairytopia and Swan Lake), newer films tend to use catchy, upbeat pop music (such as Video Game Hero and Princess Power).

While I still enjoy films such as Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, I also enjoy newer films, such as Barbie: Star Light Adventure.

Other Things

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