My Collection

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12 Dancing Princesses

Edeline (12 Dancing Princesses)

Isla (12 Dancing Princesses)

Hadley (12 Dancing Princesses)

Genevieve (12 Dancing Princesses)

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses Carriage


Swan Lake

Fairy Queen (Swan Lake)


Princess and the Pauper

Erika Feature Doll 2004

Anneliese Feature Doll 2004

Erika Wedding Dress 2004


Diamond Castle

Alexa (Feature, Diamond Castle)


Rock n Royals

Courtney (Rock ‘n Royals)

Erika (Rock ‘n Royals)

Zia (Rock ‘n Royals)

Rayna (Rock ‘n Royals)



Dandelion (Fairytopia)

Azura (Fairytopia)

Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess Deluxe Colouring Book


Princess Charm School

Sticker Storybook

Delancy Graduation Doll

Delancy Schoolgirl Doll

PCS Blair Dress


Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Max and Marie Dolls


Skipper & Friends

Skipper (Amusement Park)

Taylah (Skipper, Puppy Chase)


Stacie & Friends

Brittany (Puppy Adventure)

Stacie (Puppy Chase)


Chelsea & Friends

Chelsea (Princess DressUp)

Chelsea’s Friend Maddison (Drawing Fun)

Chelsea’s Friend Tamika (Club Chelsea) 



2009 W1 Artsy *dress only*

2010 Swappin’ Styles W1 Sweetie *outfit only*

2010 Swappin’ Styles W1 Sassy *outfit only*

2012 Clutch Nikki *dress only*

2012 Clutch W1 Ryan

2012 Rainbow W1 Summer *outfit only*

2012 Rainbow W1 Barbie

2013 Tropical Raquelle *outfit only*

2015 Teresa *outfit only*

2015 Kenzie *outfit only*

2016 The Doll Evolves Chris (Petite)

2016 The Doll Evolves Zapp (Dashing Denim)

2016 The Doll Evolves Jacob (Hip Hop Hoodie)


Fashion Fever

Emma (Fashion Fever WF)

Kayla (Fashion Fever WF)

Drew (Fashion Fever WF)


Barbie Style

Neko (Barbie Style Glam Night)

Summer (Resort Wave 1) *not actual doll, just outfit*

Barbie (Resort Wave 1) *not actual doll, just outfit*

Grace (Resort Wave 1)


Made to Move

Teresa (Made to Move)



*If you are looking for Fairytopia, it is under it’s own category. 

2015 Danika (Fashion Meets Fairytale Fairy)

2016 Dreamtopia “Candy” Mermaid



The Look City Shine



*If you are looking for the playground, it is under ‘I Can Be’

*If you are looking for Happy Family playsets, they are under ‘Happy Family’

Let’s Go Windsurf!

Let’s Go Waveride! (I no longer own this)

Let’s go Kayak! (I no longer own this)

1996 Motorhome (I no longer own this)

2003 Cruise Ship

2003 Happy Family Toy Store

Walkin’ Pups with Tree Playset

2009 Glam Kitchen


Playsets -Houses

2005 Totally Real House

Forever Barbie Townhouse

Bedroom & Bathroom Yellow Playset


Fashion Packs

Football Fashion Pack

2011 Fashionista Cutie Fashion Pack

2015 Single Item Dress + Top

2017 Dress + Accessory Pack x2

2017 Boho Fashion Pack

2017 Aztec Chic Fashion Pack


Happy Family

Midge & Nikki

Pool Playset

Baby Store Playset *photostory featuring this item*


Ever After High

2015 Rosabella Beauty Basic

2013 Briar Beauty Basic

2017 Re-Release Ashlyn Ella Basic



*If you are looking for the ‘Barbie Style Resort’ dolls, they are under the ‘Barbie Style category)

Steven 2012 Beach Budget

Teresa 2002 Rio de Janario

Cali Girl Barbie 2006? 2007?


Careers / I Can Be

I Can Be President 2012

I Can Be a Netball Star (not actual doll, but outfit & accessories)

I Can Be a Preschool Teacher 2010 Playset

I Can Be Mini Storybooks

I Can Be An Astronaut Outfit



Instant Message Barbie (dress only)

Barbie Shirts, Bags and Books



Susanna (Unknown)

Andrew (Unknown)

Emily (Unknown)

Catrina (Unknown)

Brunette Side-Eye (Fashionista?)


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