My Collection

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*If you see a post marked with this symbol, it means I no longer own this item.

12 Dancing Princesses

Edeline (12 Dancing Princesses)

Isla (12 Dancing Princesses)*

Hadley (12 Dancing Princesses)*

Genevieve (12 Dancing Princesses)*

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses Carriage*


Swan Lake

Fairy Queen (Swan Lake)*


Princess and the Pauper

Erika Feature Doll 2004

Anneliese Feature Doll 2004

Erika Wedding Dress 2004


Diamond Castle

Alexa (Feature, Diamond Castle)*


Rock n Royals

Courtney (Rock ‘n Royals)*

Erika (Rock ‘n Royals)*

Zia (Rock ‘n Royals)*

Rayna (Rock ‘n Royals)*



Dandelion (Fairytopia)*

Azura (Fairytopia)*

Barbie Mariposa and the Fairy Princess Deluxe Colouring Book


Princess Charm School

Sticker Storybook

Delancy Graduation Doll

Delancy Schoolgirl Doll

PCS Blair Dress


Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale

Max and Marie Dolls*

Skipper & Friends

Skipper (Amusement Park) 2012

Taylah (Skipper, Puppy Chase) 2016*

Stephanie (Babysitters Inc. 2018)

Nerada (Babysitters Inc. 2018)


Stacie & Friends

Brittany (Puppy Adventure)* 2015

Stacie (Puppy Chase) 2016


Chelsea & Friends

Chelsea (Princess DressUp)

Chelsea’s Friend Maddison (Drawing Fun)

Chelsea’s Friend Tamika (Club Chelsea) 


Fashionista (2009-2015)

2009 W1 Artsy *dress only*

2010 Swappin’ Styles W1 Sweetie *outfit only*

2010 Swappin’ Styles W1 Sassy *outfit only*

2012 Clutch Nikki *dress only*

2012 Clutch W1 Ryan

2012 Rainbow W1 Summer *outfit only*

2012 Rainbow W1 Barbie

2013 Tropical Raquelle *outfit only*


Fashionista (2015+)

2015 Teresa *outfit only*

2015 Kenzie *outfit only*

2016 The Doll Evolves Chris (Petite)

2016 Zapp (Dashing Denim)*

2016 Jacob (Hip Hop Hoodie)*

2017 Janessa (Lovin’ Leopard, Curvy)*

2017 Chloe (Platinum Pop, Curvy)

2018 Jessica (Wear Your Heart, Petite)

2018 Nikki (Overall Awesome, Original)

2019 Unnamed (#105, Curvy) 


Fashion Fever

Emma (Fashion Fever WF)

Kayla (Fashion Fever WF)

Drew (Fashion Fever WF)


Barbie Style

Neko (Barbie Style Glam Night)

Summer (Resort Wave 1)* *not actual doll, just outfit*

Barbie (Resort Wave 1)* *not actual doll, just outfit*

Grace (Resort Wave 1)*


Made to Move

Teresa (Made to Move)*

Aria Pink Passport (Ski Doll)



*If you are looking for Fairytopia, it is under it’s own category. 

2015 Danika (Fashion Meets Fairytale Fairy)*

2016 Dreamtopia “Candy” Mermaid*



The Look City Shine


*’I Can Be’ playsets are under the ‘I Can Be / Careers’ category

*If you are looking for Happy Family playsets, they are under ‘Happy Family’

Date Night Table & Chairs

IKEA Furniture Set (Couch & Bookshelf Variation)

Let’s Go Windsurf!*

Let’s Go Waveride!*

Let’s go Kayak!*

1996 Motorhome*

2003 Cruise Ship

Walkin’ Pups with Tree Playset*

2009 Glam Kitchen*

2008 Walking Tawny & Baby Horse Playset

Playsets -Houses

2005 Totally Real House

Forever Barbie Townhouse*

Bedroom & Bathroom Yellow Playset

Glam Vacation House*


Fashion Packs

Football Fashion Pack

2011 Fashionista Cutie Fashion Pack

2015 Single Item Dress + Top

2017 Dress + Accessory Pack x2

2017 Boho Fashion Pack

2017 Aztec Chic Fashion Pack


Happy Family

Midge & Nikki

Pool Playset

Baby Store Playset *photostory featuring this item*

Nikki’s 1st Birthday Toddler Gift-Set

Ever After High

2015 Rosabella Beauty Basic

2013 Briar Beauty Basic

2017 Re-Release Ashlyn Ella Basic



*If you are looking for the ‘Barbie Style Resort’ dolls, they are under the ‘Barbie Style category)

Steven 2012 Beach Budget*

Teresa 2002 Rio de Janario*

Cali Girl Barbie 2006? 2007?

Careers / I Can Be

I Can Be President 2012*

I Can Be a Netball Star (not actual doll, but outfit & accessories)

I Can Be a Preschool Teacher 2010 Playset*

I Can Be Mini Storybooks*

I Can Be An Astronaut Outfit

60th Anniversary Astronaut Doll 2019



Instant Message Barbie (dress only)

Barbie Shirts, Bags and Books*

The Australian Women’s Weekly Barbie Cookbook


Susanna (Unknown)*

Andrew (Fashion Fever Unknown Wave)

Emily (Unknown)

Catrina (Unknown)

Brunette Side-Eye (Fashionista?)*

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