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Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (2010) Review

Today I’ll be discussing the 2010 film Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. This movie is definitely my most-watched Barbie film, I think I have seen it a good ten thousand times by now. Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale was written by Elise Allen, who is known for writing / screenwriting some of the best Barbie films -she worked on Princess… Continue reading Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (2010) Review


It’s Coronation Day! (photostory)

The big day has arrived! It is time for Aimee’s first (well, second) space mission, Barbie’s ice-skating competition and Holly’s coronation. Firstly, let’s see what’s happening at the spaceship… “All engines ready for launch, turbo boosters set to go.” “On your command, sir.” Captain Zapp nods. “Ready to go.” And they’re off! Aimee’s heart flutters… Continue reading It’s Coronation Day! (photostory)

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Not Such a Princess (photostory)

We’re back at Aquifolia High for this episode, where Aimee is searching madly for Holly. “Oh, Holly!” Aimee cries, upon spotting Holly in the hallway. “I was hoping to catch up with you. Looks like I can’t go to your coronation after all, I’ve got this space… thing….” Holly is not impressed. “Space… thing? Are… Continue reading Not Such a Princess (photostory)


Barbie in the 21st Century // App Reviews -Sparkle Blast, Barbie Life and Fashionistas

The way children play is changing. I know I sound like some millennial-hating “expert,” but it’s a fact -every year, children are spending more and more time on technology. I think this is excellent (in moderation), as research shows that playing educational games actually helps children learn much faster than, say, talking to Dora through the television.… Continue reading Barbie in the 21st Century // App Reviews -Sparkle Blast, Barbie Life and Fashionistas

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Tips & Tricks to Create a DIY Fold-Up Bedroom

If you’re working with limited space, fold-up dioramas are the perfect alternative to regular ol’ boxed dioramas. They’re easy to store, and even easier to throw away once you’ve finished. The sides of the cardboard box is the weakest, so that means it’s the easiest to cut along. You can also fold the card to… Continue reading Tips & Tricks to Create a DIY Fold-Up Bedroom

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Horsing Around // Fixing Up My Barbie Horses

It’s a cold day; I am dressed warmly in thick tights and a scarf as I crouch beside the plastic horses in an attempt to get that perfect shot. Beside me sits a lukewarm coffee and a miniature hairbrush. It’s tricky work, Barbie photography. Everything is fiddly and flyaway hairs never seem to go away.… Continue reading Horsing Around // Fixing Up My Barbie Horses