Meet the Dolls

You can follow the adventures of Jessica and her friends on Instagram @JessicasDollDiaries. You can also find all the photostories right here on my blog!

“Hello everyone! My name is Jessica. Welcome to my new photostory series!”

“I’m a a professional model for Ello Models Inc.”

“Let me introduce you to everyone! They’re right over here…”

“This is Aimee. She’s my roommate.”

“Aimee’s super-smart! Her favourite subjects are maths and science. She’s even been to outer space!”

“And this is Neko! Neko is Aimee’s girlfriend. She lives here as well!”

“Neko’s the photographer for our modelling agency. She loves fashion and even has her own fashion blog!”

“And this is another one of the models, Nikki! Nikki’s just moved to Aquifolia, but she’s already settling in. Right, Nikki?”


“Nikki doesn’t live with us, but since we all work together, she’s here all the time!”

“And this is our manager, Chloe! She’s also a magazine editor. And well, that’s everyone! I hope to see you around!”