I Made Something

Building an Ice Rink for Barbie & Friends

Hello! Back in 2013, when this video was first released, I built this ice rink: It was quite similar to the one shown here, with the plastic cutouts, black foam, everything. It was quite nice! A few months later, I threw it away because it was taking up too much space. The cardboard was huuugge!… Continue reading Building an Ice Rink for Barbie & Friends


See You Around, Jewel (Photostory)

I’ve decided to kick Jewel out of the main group, so she’s headed back to New York City! I also wanted to sort things out with Neko and Aimee, so you’ll find out about that later on. “Ta da!” Barbie has proudly organised Jewel’s going-away party all by herself. “Wow, Barbie, the place looks amazing!’… Continue reading See You Around, Jewel (Photostory)