Hello, It’s Invitation Only (photostory)

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to make Aria (the Pink Passport ski doll) a main character? Oops. But look at her! Isn’t she so pretty?   Anyway, for today’s post we are headed back to Aquifolia High School! It’s just a normal day in class. Nobody is doing any work. There is no… Continue reading Hello, It’s Invitation Only (photostory)


The Elections ~ photostory

Everyone is gathered in a classroom to hear the announcements. Mr Stevens: “As you all know, it is that time of year when we hold elections for the student representative council…” “There will be one representative from each year level. Any volunteers?” Emily puts her hand up. She hasn’t been involved in any school activities… Continue reading The Elections ~ photostory

My Collection

Old Stacie and a Quick Kitchen Tour

I was cleaning out my bookcase when I stumbled upon a Barbie 2009 Activity Annual. I cut most of the pictures out, so excuse all the holes, but here’s a few pages… The book is packed with puzzles, colouring, DIYs, comics, etc. There’s probably around 50 pages! The “princess tips” read: -Take the time to… Continue reading Old Stacie and a Quick Kitchen Tour


Meeting the Parents (photostory)

Oh my goodness, it has been so cold here lately! Anyway, today’s photostory starts in the newly opened cafe. “Hi, welcome to the Lemon Tree! What can I get for you?” Kayla puts on her very best customer-face. “Oh, hi, Kayla!” Danika says. “How cool that you work here! Can we get two chocolate sundaes, please?” “Coming… Continue reading Meeting the Parents (photostory)