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Beach Babes #2 -Have Wheels, Will Travel

Today’s featured toys: 2002 Rio De Janerio Teresa, 2008ish car, 2002ish car, 2015 Barbie Style Resort outfits for Summer and Barbie I’m not quite sure why I titled this series ‘beach babes’ since there’s no actual beach involved… Let’s move on… This is a promo image for the Barbie Rio De Jenerio dolls, produced in 2002… Continue reading Beach Babes #2 -Have Wheels, Will Travel

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Improving the Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls

If you know me, you’ll know that I hate three things: 1.) When people spread totally untrue rumours about me (lil passive aggressive jab there, since I can’t actually say that irl) 2.) Dolls with painted-on clothes 3.) Dolls with cheap, stiff bodies that can’t move their heads or anything fun like that Because my Rock ‘n… Continue reading Improving the Rock ‘n Royals Budget Dolls