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Off To the Mall! (photostory) Feat. Happy Family Toy Store

This photostory isn’t part of my regular ‘Aquifolia High’ series, it’s just a little thing I put together to showcase my Happy Family shopping playset. It’s busy in the mall today -it seems like the whole town is there! Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea are in the toy shop. Chelsea’s birthday is coming up soon, and… Continue reading Off To the Mall! (photostory) Feat. Happy Family Toy Store


Catrina Makes Life Difficult (photostory)

My 100th post! I didn’t even realise! πŸ˜€Β  It’s Monday morning, and Emily has spent the last half hour chatting to Neko and Ryan in the hallway. It seems as though they are becoming fast friends! “And when I got home, I realised I had the same pants!” Emily says. “In the same colour!” Everyone… Continue reading Catrina Makes Life Difficult (photostory)